Motorola Razr 2019

Motorola Razr 2019

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  • Anonymous

moto x, 04 Jun 2020I bought it I am so happy and embaresed at the same time I lov... moreI reboot it and now everything is fine again and i love it again
But the problem is i didnt do anything special
No gameplay or whatever
Just texting and emails and stuff
It should not get slow even if i don't reboot it for a couple of days

  • moto x

I bought it
I am so happy and embaresed at the same time
I love the looks
Feels nice (except plasticdisplay)
I think it should even be smaller but i guess i am the only person on this planet who thinks so

The problem is - it just sucks!!!

Plastic display - ok unfortunately
Sensitive for dust - ok unfortunately
Shitty battery - ok for me
Shitty cpu - ok for me
Shitty camera - ok for me
But seriously it just sucks when i use the camera it get's frozen all the time
Cannot even make 5 pictures without getting frozen
Turned off all the automatic features but still gets frozen!
These days i type messages takes so long because every letter have to tap twice!!! (Zombieland-Double-Tap? ;-)
I use a tiny bag all the time and am supercareful about dust and stuff but this is too much
Seriously i bought an 1.600€ phone which cannot even type a text message properly!

So embarassing i loved motorola so many years but these guys are just fooling us
I was so excited to finally get it for a year but i am so angry at myself that i bought it

  • Tazz

I dnt thnk so it can capture the market, spl in dis COVID 19 crises, 2510 mAh battery??? Wat a joke??? Another flop product by MOTO...

  • 5G

I think the phone needs a bigger battery so at least it can last days. I wish if they can add more battery capacity I would buy it for sure.

  • Arnav

The price is really exorbitant for the features being provided.

  • iPhone12Hype

(sarcastic voice) Wow, Motorola, this phone is so cool! You really did a good job on this!
What I mean is, this phone is cool and all, but, against other foldable phones, it’s much worse than losing all of my coins in the UNO! app. I compared this phone with the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip, the Mate X and Xs, and the Energizer Power Max P8100S, and the only phone that it was better than was the Power Max P8100S*. This phone might be the reason I kinda hate clamshell foldable phones (except for the Galaxy Z Flip,) so Sergio Buniac** definitely needs to do a better job on the sequel (if there ever is one.)

* Holy macaroni, that phone’s got a 10000 mAh battery!
** That’s the founder of Motorola Mobility LLC.

I like Motorola phones, but I think this was a bit of a flop for them

  • Flawless66

Yam, 16 Apr 2020What a hell who is gone buy this phone on that priceRight?...and it's only one phone carrier, it's not unlocked?

  • Arnav

I have always loved this series but man their features are so low.

  • Yam

What a hell who is gone buy this phone on that price

  • cybermoja

The only thing stopping me from buying this BEAUTIFUL phone, is the battery. I need at least 3200mah. I'll wait for the next iteration, hoping for the best.

  • Qazzafi ntz

At least 4000mah......

  • Samir

Where r u live now? #motorola its 2020 😡😡

  • Hddb

Moto needs to make a phone like galaxy s10! Ill buy in a heartbeat. Moto always has better reception than most brands.

Is 2510mAh enough?

Apart from looks which is subjective this is nowhere near as good as the z flip. Better cameras, better battery life, better screen, better cpu and as much as Samsung gets stick with its updates atleast it has Android 10 as initial firmware. The razr is fan service, they know how iconic the original was and are banking on that

  • Anonymous

The Good
It's pretty.

The Bad
The squishy, plastic display is put to shame by its closest competition, the glass-equipped Galaxy Z Flip.
The battery life is terrible.
An incredible $1,499 price for a mid-range device.
The front display is big enough to run the normal Android UI, but Motorola saddled it with a janky, limited custom UI.
Android 9 is already old.

The Ugly
It's ridiculously fragile. Mine only lasting a day is an extreme case, but there are plenty of other examples.

  • 888877

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2020Motorola doesn't care about updates, anyone buying their phone s... moreApart from Android One phones ;-) I do not understand people who buy something else than One.

  • Anonymous

Motorola doesn't care about updates, anyone buying their phone should know they'll be stuck on the shipping version of the OS for a long while.

  • Anonymous

this is a special phone only for special people.