Motorola Razr 5G

Motorola Razr 5G

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  • Treky

I don't own the phone but I had a chance to have it with me for 1 week and just have fun with it and test it as much as I wanted. I'm 35 years old so I did have flip phones, and phones with all the physical keys and twist phones with antenas and without antenas and this made me remember how much joy you get when you hang up with a flip of a phone. But since it doesn't have that shinny metal circle in the middle as it did with physical's pretty much the same as all other phones (it has to be, phones evolved to better suit our more modern needs) albeit being strong in it's specs.

  • Onk

Wow its good phones

Still no full review

  • Anonymous

My next phone definitely will be a flip phone...I'm so bored with the ubiquitous slab phones...should I get this for 1k (thru T-mobile) or wait for the next generation Razr?

  • Peace

Still prefer it made by the real Motorola but not Lenovo.

  • Anonymous

One of the few products that when you look at it you know it´s desirable.

No other product available deserves such credit for this.

Looking forward for next Razr generations

I started from Ericsson and Panasonic in 2000, I had many premium phones and can say, motorola deserve a chance for reasonable price of course. I decided to get it and not regret, for now. I convince operator agent to give me 160£ drop price and get freebies worth more than 300£, tablet full HD, noise cancelling headphones and etui for razr 5g. After week of using moto razr 5g, can say it's really fresh and nice look, definitely premium build. Cosy in palm, first and second screen marvelous for me, no issues so far, battery really great, I'm power user and have SOT like 6 hours. Camera really good,speaker play good and loud but is mono, so dont expect miracle. My previous phones was xperia 1, black shark 2 and xz3, xz2 premium. Previous last my moto was moto z2 force, stil working . It's my best phone ever for sure. Recomended

  • Anonymous

AnonD-973296, 02 Feb 2021i personally think it is. the battery, yes, maybe a bit sma... more$999 on T-Mobile

  • Joeiy

very expensive and yet battery is 2800mAh very low..

  • Anonymous

Need to be a bit cheaper with a better camera sensor and mooooore battery please!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-973296

TechGeek, 02 Jan 2021For £1000/$1000 it is not worth it. I have seen the exact s... morei personally think it is. the battery, yes, maybe a bit small but then again it is not powering any power hungry specs and its a folding screen... if the price was in the neighborhood of $999-$1199, then that would be much better

  • Anonymous

TechGeek, 02 Jan 2021For £1000/$1000 it is not worth it. I have seen the exact s... moreSame here...Or at least cheaper prices.....1499€ is just way to much

  • TechGeek

For £1000/$1000 it is not worth it. I have seen the exact same chipset on £200 phones. If this phone had a flagship chipset, I still would not recommend it. The features will suck up what little battery this phone does have. Bring a bigger battery and a more powerful and efficient chipset into this phone and more people would buy it. The features do not justify the price. It would make a good £600/$600 smartphone but at a large flagship price, you could squeeze more features out of the $700 iPhone 12 mini. The 12 mini has a smaller battery but will probably last longer than this phone. It will also have a better camera while still being compact. I look forward to the improvements to the next generation of this phone.

James, 20 Sep 2020This is a slim/compact phone that doesn't allow for a ... moreBig battery at the expense of slow connections.

  • Ache danz

For $1000 price range SOC only 765g-not worth for $ 1000

  • PAXO

I will purchase such classy and sexy device any day, but sadly the asking price is too much for me. If anyhow they release a lite verison which would be less expensive, i am going for it. This is the best HAND held device released from ages, well done Motorola.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2020Um..didn't you read the name of it? Motorola Razr 5G.Yes i did.

They should release the same model, but a lite version. Less memory, perhaps an inferior Soc a 750 or cut the 5G conection.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2020Now all they need to do is price reduction, create a lite v... moreUm..didn't you read the name of it?

Motorola Razr 5G.

  • Anonymous

Now all they need to do is price reduction, create a lite version or 5G out of this

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel: all in one phone!It's the avatar of smarthones