Motorola Razr delivery dates slip back to February 18

Yordan, 28 January 2020

Motorola unveiled the new foldable screen Razr in November and after a delay it finally went on pre-order with delivery scheduled for February 6. It seems however that the demand is stronger than Motorola's supply as the shipping date has already slipped back to February 18.

Motorola Razr delivery pushed back once again - this time for February 18

It's unclear how many units were pre-ordered, causing the delay, but the new date applies to both the Verizon website and Motorola's own store. The company has not issued any statements about the pre-order campaign, so we can only play the guessing game here.

Motorola Razr delivery pushed back once again - this time for February 18

The price is $1,499, and it has no physical SIM slot - only eSIM - so it's only compatible with carriers supporting the technology.

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Reader comments

  • Metalmachine467

The Samsung zflip will be exclusive to att anyways like the Samsung fold so I'm out anyways being I'm on Verizon I dont have an extra 1,400 to 2 grand to pay upfront without putting it on my phone plan

  • Anonymous

ok and, samsung is trash, Motorola is better, dont ever get a samsung product

  • Anonymous

the Z Flip is rumoured to have a faster processor than the Razr, along with more RAM, more storage and a higher-resolution display too. Underpinning all this will be a larger battery, while the Z Flip may even run on a newer version of Android out o...

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