Motorola RAZR i goes on pre-order in UK, costs 345

18 September, 2012

The Intel Atom-powered Motorola RAZR i was announced just a few hours ago, but its already gone on pre-order in the UK one of the very few countries to get the phone in early October. The rest of the lucky regions are France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

The SIM free version (without any contract) goes around 345 (incl. VAT) in the UK. Clove and Expansys are already taking pre-orders, various other retailers should also join any moment now.

So, the new Motorola RAZR i XT890 is almost ready to take its chances in the UK market. The price seems reasonable too and even though the initial benchmark scores failed to impress us, the user experience is pretty smooth, so it might just stand a chance.

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Reader comments

  • Kwyjibo

not necessary. Many martphone dual core CPUs run at 1GHz or less, in reality a 1GHz dual core CPU is much slower than a 2Gz single core CPU with the same architecture, because every app consists of sequential parts which cannot benefit from multicore...

  • Marco

Keep in mind that this has Hyperthreading and two threads, meaning it will act like a dual-core when multitasking, but also as a single 2GHz when performing one heavy task. Number of cores isn't as relevant as one might think :) Different types ...

  • Yani

This is pretty stock Android UI. A month ago I went from Scamsung's Touchwiz v3.0 to AOSP's Stock v4.0 UI. And I must say that I don't miss Touchwiz at all! The one thing it needs to improve is the launcher (same as Touchwiz). But thank god you...