Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3

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  • Just got one

I got it for 30$ and I am happy with it
One disappointment i thought it had an audio jack but it didn't

it is just so god damn BEAUTIFUL!

hello everybody! this is legendary device. i'm so happy and still use him, but today my razr v3 just loose sound from keypad. it has sound from ringtones, startup melody, but no sound from keypad. i saw in settings that keypad volume is level 7, i make two times factory reset, but problem is remaining. if somebody know something about that, please let write. thank you!

  • Kesava

I want

  • Satya

We need this phone again

  • PiCatSu

Best cell phone ever 😘

  • Ketan

I want

My first cell phone. I had it in 2009. It was pink. A very good cell phone for the time.

  • Eww

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2008when it gets old, it starts smelling bad. really bad. like ... moreNo

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020where can i buy this product. i really want

  • Anonymous

where can i buy this product. i really want it

I just got a Motorola RAZR V3r recently, it's grey and works but needs a new battery

  • Smoothie

It's cool.

  • Awesome Boy

There are 3 colors in total:
Black, Silver & Pink.

  • Anonymous

My Grandpa or Grandma had this phone I dont know who had it but I found it in our attic with the charger I charged it and the Intro came on but nothing showed on the screen You know what I mean when the intro plays the Motorola logo comes on but on this it doesn't do that for some reason I did tried doing everything to fix it like taking the batteries and putting it back on , and using different chargers to turn it on. This is a Great phone and I am going preserve this in a museum one day, do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem

  • Pardeep

River, 03 Dec 2019got mine from my local shop sell dirt cheap. of course is s... moreNice phone

  • Some Dude

khianti, 21 Jan 2020If i have the possibility to buy this for my grandpa, from ... moreThis is a great basic phone by Motorola.. the only design flaw was that the display would stop working after a period of time because when you open and close the screen so many times, the wire connecting the display to the phone eventually gets damaged and stops working.

  • khianti

Dane Beck, 16 Jul 2019The native email and MMS apps on the Razr won't work... but... moreIf i have the possibility to buy this for my grandpa, from a second hand seller, should i? I would because i love the looks so much, he loves flip phones too. The only thing i'm concerned over is the battery, for all we know it could have been misshandled by the owner not charging it correctly. + The 16 years can take a tool on the battery life. he would hate it if the battery only lasts one day.

  • River

got mine from my local shop sell dirt cheap. of course is second-hand. overall call and text is ok for me

This beautly of classic and old inspired or was inspiration to make a best looking foldable phone of 2019.
Thank you Razr.
Enjoy your permanent elderly Vacation you earned your rest.
Now this beaty: is ready to rise lie a phoenix from the ashes and shine like a brightest sun in the unverse.
Lets hope it will.
Lets believe.