Motorola ROKR E1

Motorola ROKR E1

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  • YaremaPlays4600

Umm. Also games are not download able

  • Noah

Oramirez, 07 Nov 2018This phone is the best I ever had before Androids. I got my stol... moreYou can always buy a refurbished one on aliexpress or ebay..

This phone is the best I ever had before Androids. I got my stolen and I search for a a new one, but that dream never come true again. It also had voice command and had colored lights on the side.

  • PalmIsBack

Yoshi, 03 Aug 2018The, supposed "iTunes" in this phone, really is nothing special.... moreThat is the real iTunes. If you do some research you can see that this phone was by Motorola and Apple. If you find a video of it being annoucned it will be Steve Jobs announcing it

The phone really shows it's age to be really honest.

The, supposed "iTunes" in this phone, really is nothing special. Just a branded MP3 player that can ONLY hold 100 songs.

  • 2000's teen

if u download a flash and increase its volume u get the most powerful speaker phone can offer until today

AnonD-635960, 21 Jan 2017The Greatest Phone in 2005 Best phone of 2005 is actually the Samsung E720.

Obsolete by today's standards. Wonder where this phone will go in a matter of time?

  • AnonD-674135

Oohh! My first love!

  • AnonD-635960

The Greatest Phone in 2005

  • Davood

I had one i liked it with it's sound sensetive lights on the sides

  • Willamp42

I've been missing this phone for years I lost it I remember the day I bought it thou, was a good day.....
So hope I can fined one it was a limited edition black eye peas edition or something something blar blar.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for 9 years and it still works so well, even its battery keeps charge for several days. I am not going to change my phone after all these years. My loyal friend :)

  • AnonD-199453

an excellent phone that has done me proud. the sound is amazing when playing music. If anyone has cracked how to use bluetooth headphones for listening to music I would love to know. I have the Motorola HT820 that are advertised to work , but they dont.

  • Badass Jim

Incredible battery life on this phone
Excellent stereo speakers (Still some of the best I've heard on a phone even in 2013)
Unfortunately the OS is a bit slow

And the antenna failed on mine after less than 12 months

  • AnonD-186566

I want to buy this phone. Not found anywhere. Please help

  • Saqib

Best phone from Motorola still using it as a backup phone. And it is still in very good condition.

  • AnonD-109697

Very good phone.
I do not have it with me anymore, It worked very good back then.

  • vava

battery not get,so wat can i do?