Motorola SlimLite

Motorola SlimLite

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  • 124C4+1

This had great quality calls for it's time, someone said it also had the longest range.

  • Yeswin

I need same model mobile phone .......


My first cell too....

  • Tom

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2009This was my first phone and by god was it awful. Yes it was... moreI wish you would. If they would have listened to you, you would have saved them billions. They should have made you CEO if they were smart (-:

  • andy

my first phone too - all I remember is that the aerial kept snapping off, and I had to always keep an extra capacity battery in it.

  • Anonymous

This was my first phone and by god was it awful. Yes it was slim and looked great but the battery went in no time, and Satan clearly had a hand in designing the user interface. In addition to the numeric buttons, this evil device had 9 other buttons. NINE BUTTONS. My next phone was a Nokia which managed with 4 and was much better for it too.

I worked for Motorola a little later and I remember a rant email sent around by some bigwig complaining about the number of non-Motorola mobile phones in the office. I felt like responding asking if he'd ever actually used one or compared it to the competition. Motorola far took too long to get their usability house in order.

  • Andre

this looks like the one my mom owns. But it has no Vibration and sms only read. not write. Element phone Though

  • Anonymous

this g*d D***n phone has no use and you can just call on it

  • Anonymous

slimlite, i fink not. if any1 finds 1 dat works dey should set it on fire

  • Kagey

Top product, slimmest for ages - I should know, I was the Product Manager for it - I'll bet there's one still operating somewhere..

  • let

10 years? hahaha it looks great! xD

  • duck

waht a piece of cheese..

  • aj

I have had this phone since new and it still works very well after 7 years

  • Anonymous

Heh heh! I used to think this phone was great! It's lighter than my P900!

  • Charl

Can anybody wit aUser manual on this phone
please ???

  • Steff

It a great phone.I have one,but i buy a Nokia 6210,because my antena broke.I am very happy about him.

  • Rob

Full featured phone, good weight, good battery and signal performance, but suffers from Motorola's challenging menu system.