Motorola SLVR L7

Motorola SLVR L7

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Sammy, 15 Aug 2019Asphalt Urban GTgreat memories

  • Anonymous

Luke, 09 Dec 2005My software version is the same. Any idea how I can get ... moreSlvr

  • Sammy

Dinesh, 23 Feb 2015Which car raceing game in motorola l7?Asphalt Urban GT


Original battery of BC50 not available in Nigeria market, we need urgently.

  • Dinesh

Jo, 05 Dec 2014My Moto L7 also has 8 years. All original and working perfe... moreWhich car raceing game in motorola l7?

  • Jo

My Moto L7 also has 8 years. All original and working perfectly. The best mobile phone ever.

  • grest

this cellphone was so cool and the best coz i've used this for its still worth it..the battery nothing change..go motorola we hope you have to create another cellphone like this..:)

  • dcsraju

Motorola is the brins of BSNL and my slvr 8 is still the best though its body was replaced in Hyderabad.
I do wish to get Moto G when my pocket allows.A retired scientist who used primitive computer in London 4 yrs ago.

  • NKazakov

The best phone EVER !!!! ROCK SOLID !!
I`m using one of these for 8 years and it still works great. And i`m still with the original battery, it hold about 4-5 days without problem.

  • junior

this is my best phone so far!

  • placid

how to use internet browser if incomplete set up was not made ?

  • Sagar

2year ago i am used first and Best phone Ever.......

  • raj

great phone!

  • behdad aghili

I bought it yesterday(2113) but it is secondhand.that seems good but its few memory card made me disappointed.

  • Caline

Great phone,I had it years ago and I'm looking to find another one again.

  • div

gud hand set................

  • Anonymous

how can i update l7 os sistem

  • Mehedi Hassan

This is really a great phone. I am using this yet. I do not fell any trouble to use this phone. Really it is amazing

  • Fawad qadri

I had this phone years before. but i still remember this phone. wow that was a nice phone.

  • cmac

i have had this phone before i loved it before it got stolen from me, so i bought another one yesterday at a great deal of $15.00 from