Motorola SPICE Key XT317

Motorola SPICE Key XT317

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  • motorola

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  • Lobster

I don't hate this phone, but sometimes it make fell me anger, when my messages are over 800+, I unlock the screen and got a lag and I have to wait a little bit or restart the phone... But I have it since 11/2012 and I don't have any biggest problem... Except the broken charger, but it's not a problem, I cannot expect much from this cheap phone.

  • Anonymous

mina, 22 May 2013the phone is nice for the price , but i never got the 2 sim... moredownload motorola software update , it will update your phone and both sim will work .

  • gboys

mina, 22 May 2013the phone is nice for the price , but i never got the 2 sim... moreOkay nimi is it posible

  • mina

the phone is nice for the price , but i never got the 2 sim cards working together ? is that normal ?

Thanks for the help

  • juan888

It seems that the error can be solved:

Have fun,

  • Anonymous

its really gud

  • katayama

I dont know if this phone is an international phone..or if I'd use in other contry?

  • AnonD-57049

I would like to buy this phone, please advise where is it sold online?

  • Wilson from Curitiba

I bought this peace of sheat and starts go crazy. Blanks screens,don't works fine about one day. Now, it's sleeping on techinical assistance for 3 weeks and i hope than this ends and i will go gift this to my daughter and buy one another cell...

  • AnonD-47956

Someone with this phone. Could you please tell me if it works well with voice calls through Skype? Thank you very much.

  • dgarci

This mobile is a real doesn´t work properly 10% of the available time, the battery do not support more than 1 1/2h and the "white screen" trouble commes every time XT317 is a "little hot".....3 times a day in my case.......
It´s an "amaizing" sensation when you are driving bluethooth conected, phone starts ringing, you see the white screen and beiond being not able to accept the call, you will have to dismount the mobyle to remove the battery, finally stopping the ringer......easy to do this "driving alone", non.......I HATE MOTOROLA and I feel myself stuppid for believe that Google bying Motorola the mobiles would starts working......inocent.

  • AnonD-42413

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2012Having same issue here , bought one and it is unexpectedly ... moreI've been searching and i'm almost sure it's an SD card issue. I recommend you change the card that comes with the cell by one of more reliable brand, like Kingston. That solved (or minimized) the problems for many brazilian users, according to forums i've visited. Hope it helps. :)

  • varghese

good mobile

  • Anonymous

Having same issue here , bought one and it is unexpectedly booting or having "white screen" issue

  • Anonymous

Gabriel, 16 Jan 2012I bought this phone in Brazil with a reasonable price. Unfo... moreI also have this problem, Gabriel! Motorola should make a recall!

  • Gabriel

I bought this phone in Brazil with a reasonable price. Unfortunately I am having the "white screen" problem and I didn't find a good explanation about it yet. The GPS and WIFI applications works perfectly. It also took a while (almost 8 mim) to load your contacts database and I don't know why.

  • Garcia

Hi! U can by this phone in Brazil. R$ 699,00 (~US$ 300,00). Bye...

  • Anonymous

sorry, not put out, correct is take off the batery. obs...i love this cel and i will call motorola again.

  • Anonymous

In brasil the fone's name is fire xt317. i have one and a lot of problems. the display apears a white ligh and everything disapear and you have to put out the batery in order to restart the fone. is a beautiful cel but there are a lot of people whit the same problems,(yahoo, facebook) i dont now if it is a bug or something...i tried three times in diferent stores and always the same a pity..sorry my english.