Motorola SPICE XT300

Motorola SPICE XT300

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My first Android.

  • AnonD-332053

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2015May I ask how many phone number can be saved on a single name?5

  • Anonymous

kyen, 17 Jun 2015need a screen for xt300May I ask how many phone number can be saved on a single name?

  • kyen

need a screen for xt300

  • Anonymous

while charging the electricity went out and my xt300 does not stay on.

  • andem

how can i retrieve my google password

  • Neves jose

Whitepanther, 18 Apr 2012If you want to have long battery life then turn off wifi an... morei there i have are motorola xt300 too and i would like to use it in my country but its need are network code somebody help me

  • tami

coolest phone but short battery time and very slow

  • Anonymous

flex ribbon easily damaged! hard to find replacement...

  • Anonymous

This phone is a piece of shit. I can't figure out what the symbols mean and when I google it the answer is in chinesebwhich is great if u can read chinese

  • Kaze

I've had this phone for just over a year now, slow processor, slow turn on, just slow and laggy. Touch screen loves to work without me touching it, resulting in random apps opening and texting by itself. The only good thing is keyboard (when the processor can keep up)and battery (I don't use data, with data running, maybe a day, without 2-3 days). It does almost nothing without a data plan, and doesn't work with on.

  • Carmander

The motorola spice is the biggest piece of shit you can buy. Slow, laggy, just a terrible all around phone. DO NOT BUY. It's only good feature is that its so heavy that it makes a great paper weight. But youll probably end up getting so pissed off at it that youll just buy an iPhone and shoot the spice with your shotgun. Destroying your spice is the only good experience youll have with it.

  • motorolaspicesux

When i first got this ophone i thought it was kindof cool with the touch screen and the slideout keyboard but then like a week later i realized how crappy this piece of @#$% was. No kidding with the lag the only game i can play on this Sh@$y phone is "Glow Hockey", the only thing i like about it is Laughing at the stupid sound it makes when it takes a picture.

  • jiwan

I have seen XT300 advertisements at cyber city DLF Phase II gurgaon and then I bought this from reliance digital at ambience. This phone stop working in 1yr only. When i complaint to motorola, they say it is not lunch in india.
I am wondering how motorola is exist in earth with such a bad product and lying.

  • thatphoneuser69

I have used this phone and Id give a three star. The phone needs to have a faster processor and if it had a faster processor, the phone wont lag while doing simple tasks like scroll the web. The keyboard was excellent and easy to type on. Unfortunately there isnt much games because of its screen resolution and its terrifyingly slow processor.

  • AnonD-89772

****y and sux like **** too laggy even charger dosent charge right

  • Anonymous

It sucks, except the keyboard is decent, the music player is well built. Also, I've dropped it from 3-4 feet and it survived without a dent or crack

  • costumer

motorola spice xt300 just crop its a disgrace to phone

  • timm

I honestly hate this phone so much. At first I thought it was the coolest thing till I started noticing how much it lagged and froze, It absolutely sucks and I can't wait for a new phone! The only thing that's good about this phone is that it doesn't break easily, other than that there isn't anything outstanding about it.
Once again, it sucks.

  • fart

just an awful awful phone.