Motorola StarTAC 75

Motorola StarTAC 75

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  • PalmIsBack

Customer, 08 Nov 2018Well I think this phone nowadays, brand new one could be up... moreThe StarTAC sold 60 Million units

Well I think this phone nowadays, brand new one could be up to $20,000+ wow! i'd like to know how many units did it sell?

  • odion

i think it was a nice phone......

sub called to query balance on postpaid billing, info was given.

sub query missing credit on account....sub has a 10 gb bundle active however sub was charged $91.17 for data usage on 7/15/ forwarded to supervisor. sub advised he will receive rebate in 24 hrs.

sub called to activate bbm data, unable to activate on hand set , informed sub accordingly

postpaid sub unable to make calls or access data on iphone handset, account was updated

sub was unable to access data on iphone handset, account was updated. call dropped before additional info could be given

sub called to have data settings for samsung s4, info was given and sub was instructed to restart handset

sub unable to send sms, account was updated and sub instructed to restart handset

sub called to query query extra top up credit for present and previous month, sub also did not receive text message to confirm top up, info was given and account was updated.

sub called to query call charges on account, info was given

sub unable to access data services, data settings were verified and account was updated

sub called to query credit deductions on account, info was given

sub unable to access data on hand set, data settings were given and sub was advised to verify settings

sub called to query roaming rates and features, info was given

subs sim card was inactive, subs account was updated and sub was informed to visit front office if issue persist.

sub lost postpaid handset...requested to have account barred,account was updated and sub was instructed accordingly.

  • jota

i like it

  • Anonymous

Got one of these on contract and it was just the most unreliable piece of sh*t phone i've ever owned, because it was 4 times they had it in for repairs and replaced it with another that went wrong, so managed to get them to give me a Nokia 5110 instead, and that phone has literally gone through Hell, i mean dropped in a fire, twice through a washing machine and thrown at people in anger but it is still running, but if someone tried to give me an old Motorola i'd take it as a personal insult.

  • Henrik Lumholdt

cliff, 05 Dec 2009what a piece of sh*t i had the misfortune of buying this li... moreWell, I have one too, bought it august 2000, and it still looks like new, and is working as good as ever! I haven't been using it for quite some time, because of the rather poor battery time (and, to be honest, the sound quality was never that great either!), but still...
Cool phone back then!

  • bob

Davey, 03 Nov 2009I bought one of these from and it is perfect!wow, this site rocks

  • cliff

what a piece of sh*t i had the misfortune of buying this little gem first time round and luckily i bought an extended warranty with the handset and over the next 2 years i had to replaced the handset 6 times over that period . Like clockwork every 4 months a new handset ,my worst mobile phone experience good bye to bad times

  • Davey

I bought one of these from and it is perfect!

  • d6181

i found a brand new one it has 14 min lifetimer. i will keep it forever

  • Anonymous

What a great handset!i bought a new one just a week ago...

  • Taiwo Junaid

I am from Holland. I've a car phone installed in my car. The startac 130 in it only recognises 2 of the 5 telephone providers in Holland. I was made to understand that it is a 900mhz and that is the reason it won't recognise the others.

I could see that Startac 75 is a 1800mhz. Does it means that it's dual and will recognise the rest of the providers.

Thanks in Advance


  • GreenTEA

why? why? why?

  • ygiuiop


  • Tshacha Romeo

is it possible to to get custom ringtone download to my startac, like had before with my nokia cellular. I see the startac is better in quality, but does it have that custom ringtone luxuary

  • Rob

A phone before it's time, relatively small and light, and holds a signal well.
However, the menu system is tricky to use, and the weight of the phone is in the "top" half of the phone, so when you use it it feels quite unbalanced.