Motorola StarTAC 85

Motorola StarTAC 85

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  • Robert

It is NOT possible , you have to compose your sms and then switch to the phone book and memorise the number ... good exersize ;) ...sms was not important when the phone was released.


  • miko

de best phone since 1998 i bought, but how to send message with phone book ? can any one help me ?

  • Robert

pls mail where we insert sim card in model startac 85 ... emailaddress not valid !??
answer: in front below the charger connector. You need a BIG sim card. When have
trown away your big simadapter-card ... ask a friend or a shop ... use
cellophane tape on the backside to keep the sim in place in the adapter.

  • lokesh

pls mail where we insert sim card in
model startac 85

  • lenny davies

how do you put the sim card in ? i do not have a slot like it says in the manual , plus i have a startac battery and it keeps saying that it is invalid

  • Alex

motorola StarTac 85 is a very nice is very easy and simple to understand. i like it because it is durable. please, i mistakenly locked my motorola StarTac 85 phone and it has refuse to open. how do i go about it. i tried to see what i could do but t was requesting for special pin code.
please, i need your help.
worried customer,

  • percy

how do i use this phone on orange uk it is not regidtering does it need unlocking if so how.

  • dino

I need the notice of the MOTOROLA STARTAC 85 ,because it cause menay problems.
Think you.

  • jerry Neuburg

where can I find, or download a user manuel for this phone.
Thanks for your response,
Jerry Neuburg

  • Startac 85 Veteran

i still use this thing
can you believe it

  • dera

how can u pple say shit bout this phone, it is 7 years old!!! i bought the newer version the australian version, it was a great phone, until it got droped, by last year its antenna had fallen off, the badge where it says motorola started to loose its black paint and became gold everywhere, the phones battery is f***ed thats the only reason i changed phones, you cant say there was anything better at the time because this was the classic true flipphone and it will always be a classic i will never sell mine, the phone is worthless, but it beats phones made even years after it, this is less faults than my 8210, 8250 which both screens have broken, due to nokiaz faults which they would of fixed but they gave out no notice and i found out after. all the volume buttons have broken etc, i have to take off the case to turn off and on the fone. this fone has none of those troubles. if only this fone didnt stuff up with the batt. i would still use it great fone changed the world i rekon, so small yet soo old as seen on the perfect murder movie.

  • Steve Harris

One of the best 'phones you can buy if you just need a good 'phone without all the 'Bells & Whistles.' Fixes SIM card problems experienced with StarTAC 75+ (see my review) and SAR level is only fractionally higher. Overall rating 8/10

  • JOE

How is the phone decoded. or better still .opened.


hello can we insert a sim card for this phone plz give me information

  • bogdan

the best beautyful and elegant phone even yet!!!...with style

  • Sreekesh Krishnan

Hello All,
I mistakenly bought this cellphone last year same time.The cellphone
has good looks but the battery life and the capturing of Signals is very
poor.So I suggest you all never to buy Motorola cellphones,especially
STARTAC.Take this as a humble advice.Now I use this phone as a
paper weight

Kind Regards,
Sreekesh Krishnan

  • Raj

The phone is definitely grt, i love the works even in elevators!!
only painful scenario being the absence of a reply feature for sms...damn u gotta keep memorizing the no. to which u gotta reply.
also, not too robust, I have had to repair it twice, once for the display and once for the keypad.

  • Ndi Valentin

meilleur sans égal

  • ndi valentin

je pense que motorola startac est meilleur que tout le reste des portables utilisé par moi. Je souhaite obtenir de la part vos services de ventes un autre car le premier a été volé. Actuellement j'utilise un nokia 3310 qui ne me satisfait pas autant.

  • mathew

hello i would like to ask where could i buy motorola startac 85