Motorola Timeport L7089

Motorola Timeport L7089

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  • mutombo

I detest this phone

  • smw

leahhhhhh!!! this was my first ever phone!!!! i hated it.. i used to smash it of the ground to try and break it bcuz my mum told me i wasnt allowed a new one unless it wasnt workin, but it was like.. (imagine superman was a phone)this is superman!! totally unbreakable.. highly recommended if uv a habit of dropin ur handset or if u hav kidz:) looks great to! such an ariel!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2012This wretched mobile looked fantastic but had weak signal pickup... morewhy would anyone want to steal this phone? their loss lol

  • Anonymous

This wretched mobile looked fantastic but had weak signal pickup. Seriously, unless you're in a high strength area you aren't going to get continuous phone calls. Just forget it. I had more than one job offer imperilled by this. My high point owning this wretched tat was when it got stolen. My low point? Was when I claimed on insurance and they found me...another...L7089. Oh that glorious day when I got an upgrade to a Nokia 8210 and I could make proper phone calls again. I have never bought Motorola again from that day, nor do I intend to.

  • brendev

Rob, 25 Jan 2002I love my phone and all but can't seem to find anyone who sells ... morebatterys on ebay

  • Gunnars

Best sound quality both on transmit and receive I've experienced. I like the menus, especially the quick menu. The roaming operator priority list was very handy - setup before travel and forget about keeping your costs down. Battery life could be longer - I always carried a spare. I had two of these, and they both occasionally had totally garbled sound on receive which corrected itself only after off/on switching.

  • Nick Tester

You could also, hook this up, to a Casio E-105, using a Cable, to allow You, to make Data Calls.
(As they would be known as, now.).

  • Nick Tester

It also had a Feature, that told You the total time that You'd spend on the Phone called, "Call Duration".
This included: Incoming Timer, Outgoing Timer, and Total Duration of all Calls.

  • LL-Italy

Still work with the original battery!!!

  • Anonymous

mii mums first fone lol

  • Idrus

how to lock this phone, cuz i cant loocked the phone, and i have the new one for this mobile,how long for charging this mobil until full charge..please tell me..ASAP...thanks

  • Nick "Shadow" Wolf

Your Manual can be found here:­_l7089.pdf

Which should also explain how to get missed calls.. which i believe will turn up under "Received calls".
That you just never answered.
...-Am i right people?

Three good things:

Connectivity (Infra-Red, and cable, you could connect to a Casio E-105).


The belt Holster that was included in the box.

  • resQ

how can i find miss calls on this phone? please help me

  • Lindy

Please can someone help me out? i need the manual for the phone!! I like it too!

  • Venu

My dad had this.It came out in late 99.I am pretty sure about that.Anyway,it was an ok phone but the voice calrity was pooor.

  • Rony

i had this phone for 6 years. what is great about it is that of all the phone i had (probably over 20) this one has the BEST network signal reception. it can get at least 2 bars in areas that are considered "dead spot" if ur using a nokia. i hope nokia would make a phone with an external antenna 'cause i love nokia but my network has bad signal.

  • nic

great phone

  • Anonymous

Person below, it was introduced in 1999, not 2000

  • Anonymous

For the comment bellow. Can you read buddy? The phone was anounced in 2000. 6 years ago. How can it be that you are using it for 10 years? Mathematics problems?

  • J. Roger

I've had mine for over 10yrs and guess what?? I still use it everyday and have used it in every country with GSM. It does everything you would need a 'phone' to do. It's got features that are still considered good for this present day...voice dialling, voce recording, e-mail, modem etc and most importantly the sound and clarity is brilliant I guess i'll be using it till it dies on me and looking at the number of yrs it's been working on it's original battery, I wonder for how much longer???????