Motorola to follow Siemens and Philips?

01 Feb, 2008

You got it right. The used-to-be number 1 cell phone manufacturer Motorola is considering selling its mobile phone division. It is not sure yet if a deal will go through but the company has officially confirmed looking for a buyer.

Another option for Motorola, which seems less probable at this stage, is to make a stand-alone company of its cell phone division. Let’s remind you that following the sweeping success of the RAZR series in 2004 and 2005, things have been really rough for the company, which pretty much started the slim phone craze.

Last year Motorola lost their second spot in terms of market share to Samsung. Net sales dropped to $36.6 billion in 2007 from over $42 billion a year earlier, resulting in an operating loss of $553 million. The net loss is estimated at $49 million, official company sources reveal.

We are yet to see if we’re at the point of good-or-nothing-at-all about Moto, but Motorola’s Mobile phone division is in for great changes. And those are long needed too. That gives us one more reason to look forward to the Mobile World Congress this month, as Motorola is still set to take part.