Motorola to introduce the Moto Maker service in India

15 June, 2015

Motorola is on track with its plan to roll out the Moto Maker service across all regions. After recently introducing the smartphone personalization service in China, the company is expected to launch the Moto Maker in India today.

Motorola India’s official Twitter account has been sending out teaser updates. About four different updates clearly pointing at the customization of the Moto phones were posted. A quick dig at the website confirms that Motorola owns the domain.

Moto Maker will allow the users to choose the color, materials for the rear panel, select the color for the accents and even engraving the phone. Of course, the users will have to shell out few bucks extra for that. Based on the recently introduction in China, it's likely that Motorola will initially offer customization of the Moto X.

The thing to be noted is that Motorola is not selling Moto devices directly in India. So it would be smart to wait and see if the company partners with Flipkart yet again or will steps in to deliver the Moto Maker customized phones directly to customers.


Reader comments

  • raju

getting some features from moto of own choice.keenly hoping for launching of moto maker in India

  • Dhruv

Need moto 360 2nd gen customised. When is the moto maker coming to india.

  • Vid

Its more than a year since this started. Is it ever going to come to India? Got the moto x pure but couldn't modify it.