Motorola V1050

Motorola V1050

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  • George M


asked about GPRS access through the phone..

Yes it can be done... First you need to buy it's usb cable install the connectivity drivers for it then follow the setup wizard to establish a connection, with a 3G network it can achieve download speeds of 348kb/s, with a standard GSM network it can muster a modest 115kb/s through GPRS

  • Swan1105

hmm...anyone please tell me that possible this phone can help laptop to access to internet using gprs sumthing like that??please someone tell me....thanks hee :D

  • Dee

This phone looks good. Its sad to say that it has been discontinued. for a 3G phone it actually one of the cheapest in South Africa. I wonder what's next?

  • john

i was just wondering how long does this fone video for????

  • Trent

bluetooth ????

omgf wtf

no gg here

  • dawg

indeed...very stylish...good display...but has weak points as well: battery and speaker and no ir or bluetooth...

  • Pierce

what is the name of the USB software that cums with the phone please e-mail me if u know

  • Bo

The screen breaks easily because the plastic case over the screen is very flexible and can bend enough to break the main LCD but not get damaged itself. I have had this happen to me. I am trying to find a new replacement screen, but its had to find one. Any contacts?

  • Hadson

I just want to know if this phone comes with Stereo Speakers, like E398 or ROKR E1.
Can someone tell me !?

  • Simon

my stands for max 6-7hours with average use

  • Ionutz

Whatz the battery life..please tell me!!!

  • Anonymous

Hi I have this phone and I absolutly love it i've only had it 4 2 weeks and got it 4 my 16th birthday . It rox!!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is a great price for it has the mp3 player on whish is fab!

  • Anonymous

I think that this phone is very stylish. It's got the mp3 player on which makes it sound cool!

  • vlad

if it doesn't have infrared port or bluetooth how i can recive photos or mp3 if my friend whats to send me

  • Adi

You can put your mp3 as ringtones,also you can cut part of the music track you like on your pc and than transfer the cut part on the phone.
My question:the usb cable can also work as a charger because i did not see the phone charging when it was conected throw the usb cable to the PC?

  • Steve

I've just ordered one of these from Vodafone - special offer only 80! Bargain! One question: can you use your own mp3 clips as the ringtone and if so how? (It may be obvious once I get my hands on it...but I thoght I'd ask anyway). Cheers.

  • phtanh

Please Help.
Tell me the way how to setup SMS message center.

  • luke

hi just wondering how to get stuff from my computer to the phone without the usb email me if you now

  • Jarik

I see alot of people here claiming that there is Bluetooth on this phone.

If that is so, where or how does one activate it ?

I cant seem to figure that out.
Answer by mail would be great.