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Motorola V176

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  • btone

If you buy this as a net10 phone, then yes, you can get a MUCH "better" contract phone from a contract deal for a much lower cost. However, it is very nice for a prepaid phone, and it is a PHONE! I like the alarm clock & speakerphone features, though I'm yet to use the latter. It also has vibrate! It appears decently durable in its closed form, and it has enough options to please most folks, yet not enough to scare away the elder generation. It is a great PHONE! if you're going prepaid (net10 also seems to be a good deal for those who talk more than in emergencies, but still strictly limit use).

  • Amen Edobor Oliha

Ispiration makes motorolla BeTTeR

  • Fanelaru

There already is on the market the brother of v176, the new v177 which has exterior display.

  • Mark_S

Come on people!! This phone is for the prepaid market. You are not going to get any better than this for flip and the C139 for bar format. What do you all expect?? Bluetooth, MP3, edge??? Net10 is the better than Tracfone for reception and plans. This phone is well suited for its needs....

  • scooby

I purchased the v176 (Net10) over the 4th of July weekend from Wal-Mart for $88. It is basically an improved v170 or v171. Improvements include a much better display, better feeling keys, better ringtones, speaker phone, and a modern user interface. (The user interface resembles what you find on new Motorola phones for contract plans. A big improvement over the v170 user interface.) The earpiece sounds the same as the v170, not quite as loud as I would like though loud enough. Overall, the v176 is an improvement over the previous Tracfone/Net10 offerings.

  • Anonymous

just like the crappy v170 phone that tracfone offers...that tracfone lies about having the downloadable features



  • Anonymous

It would be better if it had an external display and voice dialing.

  • Anonymous

does anyone know if Tracfone will be offering the Push to talk version of this phone? their website doesnt say

  • tmi02

I think that this phone is great! I love it. Is this phone a Tracfone? I hope it comes out soon!!

  • wildchild

perfect desing, very clean look and stylish. it could be better with card slot and mp3 support. i don't care about cameras, if want a camera, but a digital camera or wait the companies build one with a good quality because even K750 camera quality sucks.

  • Papa Lazarou

Well for my money I want at least a 128160 screen (176220 even better), MP3 support (who cares about the rarely supported AAC), strong battery life, good reception, elegant clamshell design, logical menu (all names displayed WITHOUT entering the first letters etc.) and durability.


  • kofi

i think is the best phone i have ever seen so far and i really appreciate and the model

  • Breakfast

Come on people, this is _low-end_ class phone, what do u want, for such a price? If u want a 'monster' and have much of money, buy moto V3, N6230i or SE K750

  • Nitin

i think the phone is a classic and a v. elegant design. its looks great. a little more features would have had been better.

  • Jack

Its a nice design phone. But I hate the antenna.

  • kavos

Dont release this wrecked design. Not worth using. bad, bad , bad !

  • Asif

Motorola is going down the road. Instead of improving, they are screwing around the designs. I am not impressed at all. Its a shame.

  • samual

Finally a clean and simple design phone with only the basic functions. I LOVE it. Well done Motorola!

  • derek

this phone is ugly and is an ok for a fist timer phone i wouldn't really recommend it