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Motorola V2288

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This was my very first mobile phone, that I've bought, when I was in my teens. ♥
I think it was announced as the first mobile phone, which has a FM radio inside and therefore it came with ear plugs, who had a microphone attached to it, so listening to radio and taking calls was possible. Frankly, I never really used it for calls, since it was very weird to walk around, looking like talking to yourself (these days, that's a "normal" sight). And I think the radio wasn't all that great. Compared to a Nokia of that era, it was pretty much "stiff". There were no games on it, no ringtone editor either (as I recall from memory or it was just bad) and the sounds it offered, were not a joy. But it offered wap, which I used a couple times, to realize it's just a pricey gadget to toy with and far away from what the internet was like, hence pretty much useless. The build quality on the other hand was solid and connection was clear and stable (depending which service you used and where you are though, but on that matter I think the external antenna had its advantage). But that external antenna combined with the big shape of the mobile, made keeping it in your pocket not as comfortable as an internal antenna model, with a smaller body. I wore baggy pants back then, so I had plenty space though - still clunky n stuff. But that antenna was the reason why I had to get a new mobile. It sorta broke off (not really) and was weirdly stuck in the screw hole. Repairing that wasn't worth the money.

  • biko

can confirm games, it also had a 2,5mm jack for the headphones, with a nonstandard addition for remote control.
games were deactivated in most versions, but it was possible to activate them. one was break out, one was a snake like and a puzzle like one

  • Ethaniel

Oh man... I had that thing! Just want to say that it had games. It had breakout for sure and maybe 1-2 more.

  • Dion

The first phone i owned.

  • yulissa

My first phone,... :c

  • AnonD-212727

I had this peanut phone in 2001 man I loved it! I loved listening to music so carrying it around to school was awesome! The audio jack however, once my headphones broke by the end of 2001, I could no longer replace them with X-Cingular Pre Paid lol awesome memories and great little phone my first cell phone

  • Xanadu

My first phone .... one of the best at the time.

  • TheProv

First phone for me too. 13 years ago... look like a century!!! Very stylish, with gummy shocking colored cover, and fm radio (unfortunately still without rds) and wap.... god... I spent 80 € the first week ihad.

Let me say something in my language... che nostalgia!

  • mick_kay

brings back good memories. when people thought that my phone is possessed by satan because of it's built in radio receiver :)

  • raj

JTB, 06 Dec 2010Still using it after 10 years and does everything I need!i still love this set thanks gsmarena.

  • Paolo

I'm still using it after 10 years and it does everything I need! But batteries begin to be a problem

  • Vlad

Nathan, 17 Jan 2011HAHAHA now THIS beast brings back memories. No clock, no al... moreIt has an FM Radio

  • Nathan

HAHAHA now THIS beast brings back memories. No clock, no alarm, no vibration, no games, no nonsense lol. My first ever cellphone. Now, if only I can find where I stashed its batteries... :P

  • JTB

Still using it after 10 years and does everything I need!

  • david whenlock

Oliver, 25 Jun 2009Hi a friend of mine has a V2288e Motorola handfone and the ... morethere is a web site where you can still buy the batteries i forget the web address but you should find it. just type the battery number and the website selling them will come up.

  • sexyshel

this was my first phone.really strong really good.clear quality.

  • Robert

My 3rd phone, back in 2002 just after it became verizon, god I must've been 17

  • algin

this was also my first phone....its quiet good

  • Xanadu

My first phone to, it's a werry nice phone, quite good at his time.

  • Louis

My first ever phone, was good at the time of launch, FM on phones was almost unheard of. Plus it came with 2 grippy rubber covers. Was a really stylish phone for its time. Decent performance but as poor ergonomics. Its more of a remote control shape than a mobile phone.