Motorola V3688

Motorola V3688

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  • Loro

Anonymous, 01 May 2020Great phone. Bought it in 1998 and used for years. Now ... moreGood fone I feel superior in sociate

  • Anonymous

Great phone. Bought it in 1998 and used for years.

Now in 2020 i managed ro get it from a seller but its simm lock. can anybody help me in unlocking it or is there any setting in the phone to unlock it. Ireally want it use it once more. Right now it ask sim code at startup.

  • yves

i really need this it's was a good experience for me

  • b00g1e

Got this back in 1998, loved it! That thing was so light and worked surprisingly well!

  • Anonymous

Man i used to use this phone back in 2014, I'm quite sure it did have games. There were baccarat, tower of hanoi and a really basic version of brick breaker.

  • JacobvonZmayus

Bought one right now, my father had it when I was 5 years old and I just had to buy it. That's where it all started, durable, great battery time, almost perfect design and the best thing is that I got it for 30 bucks in mint condition. I think that I am keeping this piece of history no matter what.

  • truman

i have about 10 of these here all as far as im aware still working , see them on car boot sales etc , job lots and keep them.

  • AnonD-152776

Miss this phone so much. I love you moto3688.

  • Anonymous

I loved this phone. My favorite cellphone ever :)!

Very small, light, beautiful, great voice, very easy to use with one hand.

  • Anonymous

thats sleek and slim wonder, great design, ihad once till now, btw te poor battery

  • VKhiem Ng

I got My V3688X second hand 6 years ago - 2006. And It works now. It was made in Singapore with IMEI nomber: 448835/18/078892/8. It's life time 1197:30:04!!!!!!!. It means My V3688X have called for more then 1197 hours! Oh, wonderful mechine really?

  • Grinnis

It was a really nice sleek little phone love the look so much that I blow $800 of my saving when I was in high school to get it. My first phone ever. Stupidly left it behind in a disco toilet. Still kicking myself after 12 years booohoooo. Oh it dint even have times tamp for missed calls then but I still loved the phone regardless.

  • ameri ichinose

strength cellphone.. no wonder!

  • Anonymous

Geoffrey H, 12 Apr 2010I loved this phone! Was gifted the phone on my birthday! Lo... moreAfter 15 yrs my V3688 is still going strong, have only ever replaced a battery. Amazing compact little phone. Was technology well before it's time.
Vicky - New Zealand

  • fox

you can find everything for motorola v3688 on
the ebay website

  • Geoffrey H

I loved this phone! Was gifted the phone on my birthday! Loved every minute of it until I dropped it by mistake and broke it! Uncomplicated! Does any one know where I can find a new one?

  • mr.nantawat@Thailand

I first had seen this phone first time about 9 years ago (my boss's phone).At that time,it was probably rated as "LUXURY PHONE" - hoping that someday I would own it.

9 yrs later,I just happened to saw this phone on yard sales,still functioning&dirt cheap.So why wait?I bought it for only less than 2 BUCKS.Althought I had to look for spare batteries,manuals,etc.That's a good bargain anyway.

Lately just last weekend,I had bought BRAND NEW replacement body - comes complete with NEW UPPER FLIP ASS'Y&DISPLAY for only 0.5 bucks - almost a "too good to be true" deal.It now looks like a BRAND NEW PHONE to me.

Now I had this phone for a few months.It served as a spare phone that would be occasionally used (a few days a week).Its functions was so primitve by today's standard.But for the look&feel of this little cute - that's more than enought.

  • Anonymous

Whey I was younger and getting my first phone, I really wanted this one but I didn't get it, can somebody who has/had it please write what it is/was like?

  • Jules

I had this for a very long time too but still searching for the battery. I tried most of the handphone shops in Toa Payoh. They told me they don't carry this kind of phone nor battery anymore.
There is only 1 shop the uncle was nice he managed to get the car charger & now he is trying to get the battery. I find it very cute & easy to slot in esp pockets.

  • c.brugger

I got this phone in 1999 as a retairement present.
Still working perfectly after 10 ears, just to have
to get a new battery now.