Motorola V3690

Motorola V3690

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  • AnonD-249273

Dr Amr Gohar, 02 May 2005This is my favourite Motorola Mobile phone. For those who l... moreUpdate 2014: Nokia has improved its camera (12 MP and more) and web connection facilities ( different brands of tablets are now also available with or without SIM) and I now own Nokia N8 mobile and HTC Flyer Tablet.

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is average. It has average battery life lasting about 5 days of moderate use. It is decently drop resistant surviving 4 feet drops onto concrete with only a few scratches. I would like to have a bigger screen and more advanced technological features though.

  • AnonD-79428

Had mine in 2001 and even then its specs were outdated.

The only thing that made this a must have for me were its tiny dimensions and light weight.
It fit into any pocket and even today it looks really stylish, luxurious and cool. It sure caught anyone's attention when I pulled it out - most couldn't believe it wasn't a toy because of its size. So everybody wanted to touch and open it. My physics teacher at that time commented on it: "Has James Bond forgotten his phone?" :)

The software wasn't especially user friendly; at that time nothing compared to the easy and logical Nokia menus and buttons. Although Motorola tried a "shortcut-button-function" that was customizable but it never felt handy.
The only thing high-tech were voice memos and dialing. Of course you had to record the commands first and there was only very limited memory for a handful of commands to be stored.

A good thing was the LED indicating messages and missed calls so you didn't have to flip it open. Again, in these days phones didn't pack a second screen!

All in all, I loved it for its look and hated it for its lacking ease-of-use and general low-tech feel.. and for the fact its display malfunctioned after 2 years.

  • Brian

I got one from to fit in my BMW 330ci. It is an old phne now but it is essential for my car!

  • Anonymous

Excelent phone back when phones were ment to comunicate....Simple, and nano dimensions.....Still impresses nowadays....
Still can not be compared to Star Tac, the king of the hill....

  • dr

my first phone and the best phone out there

  • Anonymous

quite cute... hahaha
like a remote control...

  • julia

ha ha many years ago this phone appeared?

  • Anonymous

this phone does not have a camera and i dont like it

  • Miro

mojtaba salari, the phone has 4 different collors- the one on the picture, black, broun and silver.

  • the gsm master

this phone is fine. you must respect what his funktions. The phone is not a dream, but i have that phone for three eyears and hi is still working.

  • mojtaba salari

pleas kod master riset

  • bill

Does anyone know where i can get this phone at? i know its discontinued, but i checked ebay and found nothing, i found this one website that sells it for 200, but the pic they show really doesnt look like the phone pictured here, the one they show is silver.

any help will b great

  • Ghadeer Nabizade

hello everybody. I got a motorola V3690, but unfortunately the user manual is in Dutch. i wanted to ask evry one who has got a special manual to this model, plz e-mail me. thanks.

  • Dr Amr Gohar

This is my favourite Motorola Mobile phone. For those who like extras and camera, I would like to point out that each equipment is most suitable for its main purpose e.g. Canon Camera for photograpy, HP/Compaq laptop with GPRS facility for the net and Motorola V3690 for mobile connection. This product is indeed very reliable free of bugs and durable. I still keep it and I am sad that I cannot buy an extra "reserve" one.

  • stumpy

I have always had motorola phones currently on v300 but i still think this one is still the best of the bunch. Unfortunatly i need to find somewhere to get it repaired if anyone knows please post here thanks

  • Torgeir

Superb phone. Annoyingly simple though, but extremely reliable. Survived washing machine one time when it was two years. Amazing. Sadly it was stolen on vacation...


  • Suntoucher

Small phone that never let me down so far. It is a phone, not a toy for feature adicts. Simple, puristic, a classic.

  • maxie

can i download tones to my v3690 phone?

  • Paolo (PERU)

I had this mobile and I changed it three times because the same problem: the DISPLAY SUCKS !!!!!, if you are going to use SMS frequently it´s better dont buy it!!!,, the Display is goint to fail in three months of use.... in addition, it doesnt have extra functions...