Motorola V3, A780, V620, V555, V975

27 July, 2004

Motorola today introduced the Motorola RAZR V3 - an ultra-slim, metal-clad flip phone sporting good looks along with full-featured functionality. The combination of metals, such as aircraft-grade aluminum, with an internal antenna and a chemically-etched keypad, led to the formation of a device that measures just 13.9 mm thin.

The new Motorola device features include taking pictures, talking out loud (via speakerphone), surfing the Net and playing MP3 ringtones and Java™ games. The phone offers a 2.2 hi-res color screen, 3D graphics engine, Bluetooth® functionality, and precision cut keypad with electroluminescent “cool blue” backlighting.

"For most consumers, form-factor is the crucial hook when choosing a mobile phone, and the V3 has form-factor in spades,” said Yankee Group analyst, Matt Hatton. “Couple this with the functionality you'd expect on a top-end phone and Motorola seems to have a winner on its hands.”

Also announced
Motorola A780 - A smartphone built on an open Java + Linux platform, successor of A768. Quad-band phone with EDGE support, QVGA TFT touch screen and 1.3 MP camera

Motorola V620 - Update of the Motorola V600, black design, video capture added

Motorola V555 - Quad-band clamshell camera phone with Bluetooth, successor of Motorola V500. The new features are EDGE and video capture

Motorola V975 - 3G camera phone with TransFlash memory card slot, clamshell version of the already announced Motorola C975.