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  • Petar

To SHOAIB: you can use stereo bluetooth earphones.


TO KAYE-IN THE REVIEW OF GSM ARENA,in its main disadvatages' it is clearly written NO SLOT FOR EARPHONES .then how you are supposed to plugin earphones if there is no slot given for them in the fone.ANSWER THIS FRIEND.

  • muhammad

wow! its great.with all those functions,its simly cool.but battery life is short.

  • Shan

plz some1 help me on how 2 upgrade the frimware also how to install new games

  • Anonymous

Well I've had this model for 3 weeks now. Its a good phone. Key features like the large keypad and clear screen makes it easy to use but unfortunately you do have to tweak it. I found by modding the software then using the 900/1800 system and disabling the GPRS was the effective method of dramatically improving the standby time. The improvement has been from 35 hrs to 60hrs which included talk & browsing time of about 30 mins. The handset still runs the browser and email on demand but not through the '3' portal which is no big deal to me. There's lots of info on how to do this on numerous sites.

  • Anonymous

I have always had Nokia phones and this time I've decided to get motorola V3X and I am not happy about it. Battery life is very short and I have problems downloading anything. I recharged it last night and it is already down to one bar and its only 2pm. My phone was prefigured for Telstra and it was unlocked, so I continue to use it with my Vodafone sim card but they told me the phone is incompatable with Vodafone. So I think I made a big mistake. If anybody can help me with downloads that would be appreciated.

  • pepi4a

hi again! I read in this forum that the phone experiences problems with signal when it's used as 2G but there aren't such problems when used as 3G. What about 2,5G?

  • kris

had this phone for four months now and already getting my fourth phone (third replacement), anymore needed to be said.

  • pepi4a

hi everybody! I bought this phone several weeks ago and I'm pretty much satisfied with it but I have the following problem. During a call there is an unexplainable lound noise which is heard by the other side only. I don't hear any noise /just some interruption of the sound actually/ but this happens quite often. Does it has to do something with the signal? Or probably with the settings? Please help.

  • No Good

Im looking for a flip phone that looks great expandable memory at least with great camera and can set mp3 as ringtone well 3g is nice but not really necessary is this the type of fone i should go for? any suggestion would be a big help tnx

  • suthern gurl

hello out there. could i inquire if anybody knows the maximum storage amount of messages on the motorola v3x? thanks much!

  • Amaru

the all black i think is not available. black silver, blue silver and silver are the only ones available. I think theres also a pink. i have bought mine from globe telecoms last thursday and its so great! i love this phone. still adjusting coz my very first celphone was a nokia. hehe

  • Anonymous

i from d phil. im planning to get this phone how do i know if the unit is not a grey unit and if it is compatible with settings of my network provider

  • kaye

what did they mean when they say "it has a 3 logo"?is it a grey unit one??

  • kyle

i would like to buy this phone... how will i know that this phone i bought is a grey unit one???please help..tnx...

  • Anonymous

Of coarse you can listen to music thru the earphones!!


is it true that we can only listen to music through the builtin speakers and not from earphones?can we listen to music through earphones/headphones.

  • ...

to sweetie:
globe and smart always ask wer u bought your phone... usually phones from "tiangge" and greenhills are "grey unit" which means the setting for mms is not compatible here in the philippines.

  • Anonymous

the phone is only for hot people like my gf.

  • Gr4y

Well Eric then lets go modding... I would suggest you get a V3x personalization guide somewhere, like ebently, 7900novadrive or motomodders. You will also have to acquire some software like RSD 2.8, Flashbackup, P2k commander, p2k tools and (not really neccasary but helpfull) Smartmoto I'm not going thru the whole procedure here, but first you BACKUP!!
(flashbackup & P2k commander) then you can flash. You can use a reflash file if it is based on the same firmware but I suggest flashing a whole new MP (monsterpack) and then use a known reflash file, 7900novadrive
will be able to help you here. You WILL lose everything stored in your phone, but you can items that you want with the backups you made.(P2k commander)All seem editing must be done after flashing or you will have to do it again.
Also, be prepaired if something goes wrong get the V3x service manual and testpoint location (VERY IMP) (@motomodders).
Please dont ask for links to RSD or Smartmoto
they are warez.
Just G00gle ;)
Happy modding, and please try to keep your moto running!