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Motorola V3x

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  • Tony

It is one of the best motorola phones i ever had the camera is excellent and the video quality is also excellent. realy good zoom and great that you can add a memory card to expand the memoary. cool design.

  • saeed iran

very good

  • makaulius

Is there anodized aluminum case?

  • alex

i just bought the phone off ebay ash colored so sexy for a phone! guess what i fully charge the phone and the screen flickers on and off on and off and its like the phone wont' even run. Bluetooth didn't work but now it does. annyone have a solution for me? buying a datacable and updating firmware??? or where to fix this. i really like the phone annd my interest is only in the alarm, phone camera and the phone calling nothign else.

  • pohjapz

this phone is simly great!!!!!!!! simple...but amazing..can compare to anybody.....also a good 3g phone!!!!!!

  • pej

its to much expensive when i canvass it and sold 18,800 pesos @ SM mega

  • Kliffy

Replaced my crapy Nokia N80 with the V3X
What a great phone nice cam 3G mp3 player
real player rock solid quality of built
unlike the N80 all in all the V3X is a great
bug free solid built stylish mobile phone.

  • Nesta

u bought tis pon?how much dos it cost u?y din u choose N80?

  • o/s

what a great phone
very sexy and well designed
great camera and video
i reccomend it to anyone who wants a great sexy phone

  • Fernando

This review needs updating.. ( couse this phone is WAY BETTER than described )

1: You can put earphones through its usb! it works great ! and this phones plays mp3's like an ipod !

2: pfft! 512 mbs ?! YEA RIGHT ! i bought the 1 gb and it works GREAT !! Now it really is an IPOD!!

3: Software is awsome too btw EXTREAMLY easy, plus with the right 3rd party programs i can download ANY movie on the net and convert it to work on my phone. Newest episiode of Family Guy anyone? yup, full 30 minute shows sitting inside my phone.

I will tell you the downsides right now too..

1: If your american living in USA, u cant get the internet here. No two way video calling, photo messaging or video messaging.

It sucks.. but good thing i never use those features anyway.

2: i noticed the plastic battery cover on back of phone creaks alot, after a quik google search, i found out all v3x do it ( just a very small inconvience)

3: Yes, setting up this phone is confusing.

  • page

im so excited to have it!!!!!!!!!!!
it simply the best

  • Gosh

The best ever!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is really sxy

  • IXI

Can't get my V3x/Winfax 10.2 combo to send a fax either USB or Bluetooth whereas my V525M can do both. Motorola have tried to help but failed. Anyone out there actually managed to send USB and Bluetooth faxes from Winfax 10.2 on a WXP machine via the...

  • sgs

really? you guys like this phone? What about the samsung D600? All the features of this plus more, like MS office file viewer and pdf viewer. or the nokia n91. No external memory, but 4 gig hd and wifi! wifi! It seems moto is playing catch up since the samsung d series has been out for quite a few years with the same(and more) features as the new razr. Plus the razr may be thin, but it's still far too wide.

  • my name

just best phone.

  • v3x

this phone can record video up to 1 hr.. in my phone i almost have 300 wma songs and 30 videos mp4 format.. and lotsa pix.. v3x is a monster having it a 1 gig of external memory.. then it pops like no other phone is the best.. this phone is the most cheaper phone than nokia and se.. and its features totally rocks.. its the best phone because of its price.. and the cheapest 3g phone ever.. this phone is for people who has brains.. dont buy if youre careless.. v3x will not support stupidity.. get it? do you?

  • djuan

This phone is a BEAST!!!!!!!!!I

  • djuan

this phone is a beast!!!!!!!!!i

  • new phone user

how come when i hold 2 on my phone it does a video call.. i accidently stored a number 25 and it won't let me change it.. can someone help me plz?