Motorola V535

Motorola V535

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  • J
  • Johnpierre
  • P@d
  • 19 Mar 2017

Although its difficult to use it when texting nowadays, this mobile is still very useful as handheld device especially during long talks. Still hippy having it. The problem is the charger that is not anymore available in the market. So I need a universal charger to charge it. I hope the battery type will still be available in the market.

    • C
    • Calliopeya
    • ncG
    • 19 Jun 2010

    I have this moto for about 4/5 years and it is one of the best cellphone i've ever seen, i like it better than the v3, it died on me multiple times and i've always brought it back to life (FW repair thru usb p2k cable), with the v620 firmware installed you get the best vga photo quality of these types of cameras, everything is editable in this phone, in one word this one i'll never let go, 5 stars! other models rating: v3:3 stars, v360:5 stars, v620:5 stars, I still have a lot of models to test

      • s
      • shadow
      • utH
      • 05 May 2009

      bj, 26 Dec 2006I love my V535, only problem I have is with the select butt... morea stupid mobile u can never imagine. once it falls the speaker breaks,keypad gets stuck and the camera goes doom never buy it again.

        • v
        • v550 vodafone
        • uWx
        • 24 Mar 2009

        i have this set in normal condition but working perfectly i want to sale this set for Rs. 2000 not finale (only charger with this set) any one interested then call me at 0344-4563353
        in lahore

          • v
          • vijay
          • PEm
          • 20 Sep 2008

          iam using this phone for last 2 yrs actually i hate this phone one for vga camera and i cant find any product specified for this phone mainly network antenna thats y i hate this phone

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • mcu
            • 04 Sep 2008

            love this phone have used it for more than 2yrs but still works fine even the pole on the phone got off but still receive and make calls

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              • ---
              • Rxd
              • 01 Jul 2008

              did u know that on the tv show neighbours.. toadie has this phone .. :D omg !!

                • b
                • bee
                • Rxd
                • 01 Jul 2008

                i've had this phone for 2 and a half years and i would have to say that it is very reliable. I have had no problems with it although i don't really like the camera.. it's a VGA. But still i would have to say that it is pretty good. :)

                  • S
                  • Sanjaya Thapa
                  • PGY
                  • 25 Jun 2008

                  I am using Motorola E550 for 2 yrs everything is all right but i can't make a new web session as default

                    • j
                    • jack
                    • mEh
                    • 15 Jun 2008

                    I have had it about 2,5 year. Now, around 1,5 year, i have many problems, such as, phone turns off/on very often, makes restarts, don't react on calling (can't call and can't take a call) cute often, often can't send messages, also multimedia doesn't work properly. And i haven't hit this phone never and phone is in good condition (appearance).

                      • J
                      • JMac
                      • RNQ
                      • 20 May 2008

                      well, i bout the V535 when it first came out and have had it now for about...3-3.5 yrs and have never had any problems with it until now and the only issues i am even having now is that some of the number buttons are not working properly anymore (not all the time though) and my display is malfunctioning when i close the phone (still stays on) but with a bit of a tap or smack it goes back to but i mean hey, thats pretty good for a phone that has lasted me 3+ yrs... oh and i agree the camera and video aren't the best but they were for their

                        • R
                        • Raewyn
                        • 2If
                        • 21 Apr 2008

                        I have a motorola V550, Same as V535, Got mine when they first came out, it has been the best, never has it let me down, have A Moto V6-MAXX as well, but i use 2 mobiles & still prefer my old faithful. Motorola is the Best By Far.

                          • K
                          • Kelsey
                          • RNF
                          • 15 Mar 2008

                          I got this phone 2nd hand from my aunty and its alright. The camera is really really bad and so is the video but thats all i can really complain about it

                            • M
                            • Michael
                            • Mjd
                            • 26 Nov 2007

                            I still have this phone 3 years and I must say its very good and is very think and sturdy phone. Difficult to break it really it has a few knocks on it since I bought it. Also its is very easy to find in your bag or pocket. The camera and video features are really bad and is one downfall of this phone. Another bad point is it does not have much memory for pictures, videos or messages and the internet freezes or else it cuts out and then turns back on again. It takes ages to charge sometimes overnight. I can get 2 days at most on the charge would like to get more.

                              • C
                              • Caroline
                              • x7J
                              • 15 Oct 2007

                              Lovely when it works! I've just sent it for repair for the FIFTH time... Guess I was just unlucky, huh? Won't go Motorola again. My old Nokia has been a godsend while this has been in repair...

                                • J
                                • John
                                • SHf
                                • 09 Jul 2007

                                It is an ok phone, texting not as userfriendly as nokia, radio is better that what i had on nokia, sound and reception better.

                                  • O
                                  • Oxfordshire lass
                                  • mxQ
                                  • 05 Jul 2007

                                  Its ok but it could have more memory, no problems to charge and lock aplications are good. It would be a good fone if it had a longer video recorder and and camera. Apart frm that a good small phone to have.

                                    • M
                                    • Madz x
                                    • TkM
                                    • 21 May 2007

                                    a word of advice-
                                    when u use the USB cable, if it says a file is corrupt, DELETE IT! I kept a corrupt file and it messd up mi fone and cost £30 2 fix.
                                    tank yall x
                                    apart from dag its good. cud have more memeory but good enuff 4 me!

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • PSW
                                      • 17 Apr 2007

                                      The memory is not enough.So the bluetooth won't help sometimes.Also when I lock the multimedia using lock applications,but I can open pictures without unlocking multimedia by going through photo fun the software isn't good.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • iBt
                                        • 02 Jan 2007

                                        have always a prob charging it, usually not recognised that the charger is connect.
                                        Sorry 4 my english (European-Spanish)