Motorola V547

Motorola V547

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  • helper

this phone records video for a total of 16 seconds.

  • iain

can this phone record video with sound and if so how amny seconds can it record

  • chazi

im finding it realy hard to find a realy good phone and iv reserched alot and thought this sounds and looks like a good phone. iv saved up for ages and its quite an expensive phone. PLease tell me
really need to know !!!!

  • charlotte

iv saved up alot of money for a new phone so is it a realy good or are there beter ones
please say
really need to know

  • Mark

Phone seems really good. Altho it sames it has mp3 player - can anyone tell me how I get MP3 files on to the phone - is it via bluetooth? Email please if you can help

  • xxx livi xxx

hi, ive saved up all my money for a new phone and i was just wondering how many video clips you can record and save on it...also how long each clip can be ?...!!!

plz put a reply lol livi xxx

  • Jo

I was wondering if anyone knew how to delete the images and video files that come with the phone. The memory on the phone is quite poor and I have ran out after only a week of owning it. So I am hoping to delete the ones that came on it.. as there are a lot.. to free up some space. Any ideas??

  • Liam

I bought this phone today and it is great.
Can someone please email me and tell me how to send things using bluetooth cos i cant seem to be able to do it!

  • ste

yes its just mp3 ringtones

  • king lank

can n e 1 tell me if this phone has mp3 player or is it just ringtones like the v600

  • Darrell

how do I send messages or pictures by blue tooth? how can i see the other blue tooth users near me?

  • gilbert

well i,ve just got home with my new v547 im taking it out of the box nice looking phone i say to myself i insert the sim card i put the battery into the back of the phone i put the back cover onto the phone switch the phone on and oh my god what a disapointment this phone is has anyone got a torch i can borrow the screen is way to dark even when you go into the menu to brighten it it makes no dfference to the screen thats it im to upset im not going to say anymore about this phon except what a disapointment

  • Globe

A truly superb mobile phone, and with the added ability to work in many extra countries (such as South America) via the Quad-band, makes it the one to have!


what is the memory of this fone

  • Nikz

Hey. I like my new v547! Only thing is how do you get to view other blue tooth users thats around you? Can the v547 only become visable to other users, but i cant search? I know the pairing works. Just wanted to know how the searching works?!

  • me me

unfortunatley meme you can only delete one at a time thats the way the phone is aet but dont be put off by that its still a cracking phone as im sure you will agree yes/no ps meme whats your views on the phone so far


A GREAT PHONE!One of the best in the market.Except infrared,it's perfect!

  • carole

what is the cheapest price of a v547?

  • martin

yes chris the v547 is an excellent phone

  • martin

you can record 12 seconds of video on the v547