Motorola V555

Motorola V555

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  • Sean Cooper

I think this phone looks really good, I want it for christmas but i think its going to be abit too much money does anyone know where you can get this phone for less than 140 if so plz tell me thank u! My dad has the phone b4 this one and i love playing on it and this one looks as though it has loadz mor added features if any1 does no for cheaper email me at

  • dimple

better than nokia.. motorola rules!!!=)

  • dimple amon

im excited to have this phone. I think it is absolutely cool.

  • kyle

i got it at best buy... its for employees only but if customers go in and ask for it we have to give it to them... its for cingular and AT&T and we sell it for 125

  • Anonymous

When is the phone going to avialable through Cingular in the US market.

  • Eric Bullen

I live in the Oklahoma City, Ok market and I am wondering if and when this phone will be available through Cingular Wireless in my market and how much it will be? Thanks, Eric..

  • maja


  • Anonymous

i'm not sure when it comes out but by God i'm gonna get it whenever that is!

  • Anonymous

I want it bad

  • Anonymous

how much will this phone cost when it comes out in the uk?

  • Anonymous

can this phone record audio and video?

  • Unknown

Does anyone know when this phone will be available and has any clue about the price range?

  • hmmm

don't like it .. i better stick to samsung

  • Isabel

I think the motorola V555 is a great phone I really want it

  • Minime

I think the persons who said about the phone being old techno and having poor camera and the ugly pertruding camera are blind and stupid this is a really nice phone from wha i can see yes its not top of the line but wait and see the price before you run your trap as i said the phone looks wonderful and wen it is released i am seriously considering gettin one and by the way the features are great. Moto rules!!!!!

  • B

And when is Motorola gonna change their software for all these new phones, so you can actually search past the first letter in the phonebook!! What is this, 1998?

  • Anonymous

Can motorola stop making protruding antenna, it looks so ugly. Furthermore, the design is more or less identical to the old motorola. 2nd monochrome display?!! Please give us at least 65k 2nd color display.

  • yehia

good equipment

  • Anonymous

This is V500 with video capture and EDGE

  • Anonymous

Same like V300, V500 and V600. Only 5 MB memory, and only VGA-cam. poor.