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  • v60i user

To H&h, colour screen is not the only way to judge a phone, as this phone is not intended for it. It was aimed at business professional, who are looking for funtionality rather than cosmetics. To Roxy, this phone hasn't got titanium casing, but metal, yes. I think it's only for the front part, though. The back casing looks fake and I'm pretty sure it's just plastic. To sss, I'm using the phone approximately 2 hrs talking time, 15 sms, and it will last for around three days. Charging time is a bit slow, though. App. 3 hrs.

  • Roxy

This phone has TITANIUM COVERS???The dealer said that yes.Please tell me!!!

  • sss

It has alarm???How much the battery works in normal use??Please tell me couse i want to buy one and i don`t know what to do?

  • Dr.Octupus

Isn't it so cool?!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!?!!!

  • Anonymous

ok, if compare to other moto phones but can not reach other brand name phone with the same price

  • Anonymous


  • H&h

This is not such a good phone.It DOES NOT have a color screen and that is realy bad.All the new phones have it

  • Steven Lee

Nokia have their own "free" site for download software, But Motorola is not.

  • Amado Ruelas Pantoja

Motorola friends:
I cant't hold the v60i in cold days, it seems a soap, and it escape of my hand.
The ring tones need more loudness, I can't hear my phone ringing sometimes when I'm in noisy places.
The letters in display are SO LITTLE, I enhanced it, but is the same way for people who have presbicia.....I'm older than 40! For many many many reasons I miss my old black and FLAT Star-tac....!
Have a good day and I'll be happy to read your comments to me.

  • Mr.Blanc

I have the same question of someone named Unkown. Yes, in the manuals I found on Internet Motorola "lancer" that : The phone book with 1000 numbers maximum storage ! And the "My tones" feature, it's not perfect like manual demo. And I also saw some more features , it's similar above, not perfect. In the diference country, V60i take some changes and it's become not excelence phone as original version, in Sigapore, Germany...for example..
However, It's still be the upper-class phone from Motorola. I set it the score of 85

  • Ricky Racer

I got my V60i in November and really like it a lot. It has good battery time and get reception in places my old StarTac never could.

The disappointment is in the ringtone composer. It has a good octave range but it can only do 1/4, 1/2 and whole notes. This goes for rests too. The built in tones do better but I can't crack them to find out how it is done. In the meantime the best site I've found for ringtones is

It will default to Nokia but you can change the phone make at the bottom of the page. Not all tones work well so you may have to do some modifications to rest and note lengths and even then not all sound good. Hey, what do you want for nothing?

I have never tried to download tones and I don't know if that's even possible with this phone.

Anyway check out the site. At least they give you the push sequence which is more than I can say about a lot of the so-called "free" sites.

  • ...

hey i just got the v60i i cant figure out how to get ring tones i made about 2 or 3 can any 1 please e-mail me a site where i can get some ring tones plez!!!!

  • Emil Kirilov


  • giancarlo

great site lots of free ringtones but none for my motorola v60i

  • Andrés Klastornick

Exelent phone in all aspect

i live in Uruguay

  • M is not working. does anyone knows other wap sites with games and logos for this phone?
Re "Unknown 2002-12-29 00:42:54" -1000!!!

  • phoneuser

great phone for those who are sick of nokias that are becoming too mainstream...using this phone will surely lifts up your this phone really deceives people by it looks...(compared to its price). i recommend this phone to anyone who are looking for a new phone...

  • Anonymous

been using it for few weeks...great phone!!! V60i is undoubtedly and undeniably looks stylish, and very, very expensive... =) i might say it's one of the best looking phone on the upper-class category. just wondering..can you set wallpaper on this phone..? and how? 'cause on the motorola website it says it does has a wallpaper features. as far as i know..this phone only has a screensaver function..not a wallpaper..and also the phonebook for the phone memory..what's the capacity...500 or 1000??? please any V60i user let me know..thx.

  • Diver

Got a T-720, but returned it. The V60i is a lot higher quality phone and functions a lot better.

  • Crazy

Awesome phone!!!!!!!!!