Motorola V750

Motorola V750

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I was given this phone, it works, can't recharge because no driver installed on my home pc. How can I install?

  • kl me i wontanswer

I was given this phone since my old one died and I'm too cheap and annoyed to $ new one. Can I get software to re-charge this? It's 2018 and the phone still works but needs recharge. thx

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  • Anonymous

identical to sharp gx10

  • Derek Davis

I have had this phone since August 29, 2008 and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. Buy a 2GB SD card for $10 and switch your save preferences over to memory card. You will then be able to put the card into a jump drive and then in your computer. Music and pictures can be dragged & dropped onto the memory card. Judging by your posts and lack of spelling skills, it sounds to me like all of these problems are simply "user error"

  • Anonymous

Memory----bought a ring tone & tried to down load. insufficent memory to down load a ring tone & this is on a new phone just out!! Guess you may have to buy memory so you can down load!!

  • Anonymous

This v750 phone really sucks, it doesn't allow you to copy phone book info to sim card and couldn't send pics! I bought a new phone and smashed this one!!!

  • khalid awan pakistan

really its a stupid phone.plz dont wish to buy this fone.its ir is totally cant download any ring tones,wall papers,or any other thing....even you have any cables...or you are perfonalist......totaly fail cell phone.

  • Anonymous

I think this phone's design is a copy of Sharp GX10 / GX10i

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how can I download picture from mobile? I data cable ans also inflared port, but software wich I have doesn't work. It say the he don't recognize photo's format. Help me please.

  • chris

I am very dissapointed about this phone
the infrared port is doesnt work,i dont know why... the camera is very awful...... they must better do something about this problem.
by the way... my messenger id is crystibarosanu

  • sweet_looks

This phone is not that great, it does not let me infered pictures to other peoples phones and it won't let me receive them either and it won't let me download any ringtones that i want. It's not the best so far. Very dissapointing about the false information given.

  • Cellproguy

V750 accessories in the US! See

  • Vito

I have this phone for about 10months and i dont like it. I really like that a phone has heaps of features and storage room, but this doesn't. And another thing is that I for some reaseon can't send and receive anything thought the InfraRed port.

  • yyoda81

Brilliant phone, perfect for what i do. Finally found accessories for it from motorola in hong kong.

  • Randall Walsh

Nice phone but very hard to get accesories for in U.S. Does anyone know what type of data cable the thing uses. Motorola says to contact seller but I bought it on ebay from a company in New York who did not even have a charger for it. I ordered a charger but will have no idea if it will work till it gets here.