Motorola V80

Motorola V80

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  • Trav

This phone is such a cool phone. However, it is so not practical. I had two and each got damaged the same way. The LCD screen cracked from inside..which I will never understand how..b/c I was extra careful with both. I have since went on to Smartphones instead and so far so good.

  • alexpcc

is there anyone knows that v80 have chinese language?

  • hatethis

at first i thought this is the best phone i ever had..the price is good,it has classy and elegant design,and it feels soooo cool when u swing it,and's gettin suck when the joystick broke and all motorola's service center in my town cannot fix it....

  • vegita

Moto plz just make an UMTS megapixel cardslot version of this phone (and I'm sure that it will be a slim razr :D) It was the most styluful phone ever. I can see before my spiritual eyes the v90 :D

  • Emeka Aka

this phone always has this battery problem and sometimes whenever i rotate it, instead of the picture screen rotating with it, it will be stagnant unless i open the battery case.experts say it is the

  • mr.michael

does ne one know how to apply firmware for this phone? please help

  • Juliet Onyekwere

My Motorola V80, i just love the phone, it makes me stand out, its fun to have it, i love the cuteness and its very sleek, butright now am having a problem twith the conector,how do i fixed it, cos i cant use any other phone, for My V80 is my identity. pls help me out

  • hamicel

I like the phone alot but i cannot get to assign any ring tone to the different phone books. another thing when somebody is calling i cannot see the name of the person. Could you people at motrola help me with this problem? I have done everything the manually instructs me to do but it wont work. please email me at

  • mick

hey i currently have a nokia 3250 which is gettin repaired..however my neighbour is sellin his motorola v80 for $150 worth buyin it or will it stuff up after a week?

  • JrsyNo10

I've had this phone for about a year now no serious problems. If you are looking for plenty of features this is not your phone (itís a Motorola!) but if style is what you want, this is your phone. I LOVE it; no phone turns heads like this one. I get compliments everywhere I go and the rhythmic lights are great at night. You just have to be very gentle with this phone.

  • Anonymous

this phone is actually very stylish, flashy and perfect for a teenager witholding similar characteristics i will definitely recommend this phone to someone in search of something different because the capapbilities are plenty!!!!!!!!! thus never take this phone off of your market because there are actually persons still desiring it

  • Shelly Belly

Hi im a young naive teen who is setting out to buy her first cell phone and i would like 2 know if u would reccommend me getting this phone or do u think i should get something else. I mean i really want it but im afraid of stuff happening 2 it. what shud i do?

  • Anonymous

in my opinion i would never but another one of these phones ever i had it for a week and the joystick broke and i sent it back 2 be fixed and it could not be fixed as the connecters had broke inside

  • ak

this phone sucks! broke the joystick the second day i got it... this like the other motorola phones suck... its wack that i have to spend more money to get a new phone. i shall c how long this phone will last

  • micko

good looking phone but the soft wear sucks! this phone freezes too often, chargings a problem to... it seems i have to charge while its this true? and the batt heats up QUICK... so far iv gone threw a lot of motorola phones and this one is just another one, softwear sucks, im thinking of going back to my sony ericsson T610...

  • Anonymous

how do you get on aim?

  • Brecht

i have a problem: since a week ago there is a red/yellow light @ my joystick i can't turn on my mobile.
Does someone knows what to do?
I would be verry kind if someone helps me.
Thanx Greetz Brecht

  • leeandra

i am motorola customer all my phone that i purchase is motorola brand i love the v 80 i've had it about 21/2yrs but there is one problem the joystick always give me trouble i think u need to replace that joystick

  • mpho

i have this phone for 1 yr 4months and its a beautiful phone it turns head , but the only problem is the phone freezes more than five times a day , and one other thing i would like to know is can you change covers for the phone because my covers are messed up know , but i must say i love the phone its the best i have ever had

  • Seth from LI

Still hot after 2 1/2 years!

Not only does this phone have a robust feature set, but it's also SMOKIN! Here on Long Island people have all sorts of fancy phones and gizmos, but I've never seen another one of these. I have received plenty of compliments and glances of curiousity/envy when people see the bezel light up (you can turn this feature off if you're more of the reserved type) and hear the MP3 quality ringtones playing whenever someone calls. Heck, just taking this thing out of my pocket has drawn conversation. It looks good no matter what! I have my second one now after the first one, unfortunately, started freezing up repeatedly from a year and a half of constant use (these things seem to have a limited lifetime like other cell phones I've had). Do not let this discourage you for a year seems to be the lifespan of numerous phones nowadays (aside from the old skool Nextals which lasted forever but are ugly and have no features).

I don't know why these phones didn't blow up when they came out onto the scene back in 03/04, but if you can live without quadband and a large storage capacity or even if you just want a fashion phone that looks cool when you go out at night, this is the one! It looks better than anything you will find in the T-mobile or Cingular stores for certain. This phone is all about being unique and doing it stylishly. Got mine NIB on Ebay for $76 including shipping. Holla to that!