Motorola v8088

Motorola v8088

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  • Anonymous

I wish they would revive this.

  • Anonymous

I love this phone and i want this phone

  • Anonymous

I got given this phone and it's getting on now. The one problem is the battery that came with it. It drains quite quickly and isn't easy to source. The charge was tested and it emitted a 'burnt' smell.
The phone itself has a lot of features but the endless scrolling is just tedious. The screen needs to be bigger. Oh well, I'm getting a new phone. I have seen the manual and it's a sizeable book.

  • toanmap

This is the last updated link to download user manual for v8088:

  • Ravi

I have a Motorala V8088 , and i have changed the lanuage to thai language unknowingly .....Kindli send me the manual to change the lanuage to english..... Thanks in Advance..


  • teguh

please send me manual user book to this email because i dont understand the language who i have. this time please....

  • irwan

plase sent to me menual book motorola V8088

  • Lars

I have a v8088 but I can't use it properly. How can I get a user manual? Many thanks.

  • Leona Roller

Can you please send me a manual in English for Motorola v8088? I love the phone I just don't know how to use all the features. Do you know how to change the language for a czech language? Thank you.

  • prashi

i have a v8088 but i can't use properly
how i can get user manual

  • prashi

it is a very intelligent phone
please send the user manual of v8088 to my email id

  • safwat

Telephone is great, specially the shortcuts which makes your life easy, the telephone record voice calls, records a song as a voice note as well, i couldnt find this feature with 2005 phones except when downloading software, maually silents the ring when you do not want to answer

  • hellomoto

I had one before...a complete crap other than it's looks and size...


why cant i download a manual for v8088
the damm page wont open up for me.

  • mr x

that´s good

  • Faizan

I lost the manual for motorola a920, how can i get it???? Motorola's website is not working.

  • wanihakim

How can I delete the phone number that I don't need anymore from my phone books?

Do email me the way. Thanks!


digits are showing instead of letters when a try to compose a message.