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  • Az Dod

I have one & work wll til now

  • AnonD-716026

I've never seen this before!

  • WebsterA

I still remember when I first got this phone with its handsfree earpiece, and talking to the weird thing that attached to the back and plugged into phone that worked as your receiver and mic. It would have been great for texting, but at the time they released this in Canada texting was just starting to takeoff. Very few people used texting or even heard of it yet. Other than the Camera, handsfree wired headset, and the attachable headset piece I can't remember what other accessories you could get.

  • MD22

Where can I buy this old phone? I had one when I was 18.

  • Marvin

I had this as my very first phone when I was 12. It was a very unusual phone back then because it does not call without a headset but it was a perfect one. It was a cool phone at the same time because it is the only phone back then with a qwerty keypad.

  • york

where I can I still buy this kind of phone??

  • Anonymous

Great basic phone with QWERTY keyboard. No 3G only dial-up WAP. Used to text on it all the time. Buttons so much easier than pecking at glass. The US advert was funny too

  • ratih

My first phone on 2001.I miss it

  • Anonymous

2015 and using mine now. Used to have one 15 years ago and saw one on ebay so had to have it. Although not a data phone and my provider no longer supplies dial-up WAP services, the texting is great, multipule alarms great. Only shame is there is no bluetooth and only 2.5mm jack plug for voice calls using a headset. 7/10

  • AnonD-204586

I absolutely loved this phone. Had it back when I was in the 5th grade or something.

Only complain I could remember was the fact that you couldn't make or receive calls without the headset.


I used to LOVE my fone! Got it WAY back when I was in 4th grade. Never got enough of the games.

  • chevy

I loved my baby v100,I was the first 1 to use it in my high school,cheese boy!!!

  • j-ann

i was in 5th grade when i had this phone. i loved the voice recording feature.

  • FrankLee

Used to sleep in class while the voice recorder of this phone was active ^_^

  • Osama

nina, 31 Aug 2012had this phone when i was on my 6th grade.. super cool... hahaha... moreLol i were also in 6th grade in year 2000 and had this phone!

  • nina

had this phone when i was on my 6th grade.. super cool... hahaha.. just miss the old days...

  • ja

JB, 12 May 2012this is still the best phone ever I agree!

  • JB

this is still the best phone ever

  • AnonD-43090

had this phone for a few months. its ok if you're a strict texter, but its very annoying when you make/receive calls. you have to plug in the headset. and theres no point in always keeping the headset plug since it cant even play mp3s. cute, but not practical.

  • sandy

V100_Expert, 11 Sep 2011Baby, the phone was released in 2001 after being announced in 20... morei want to purchage this phone plz guide me best future this phone -