Motorola VE66

Motorola VE66

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  • Anonymous

Just to let you know...still works after almost six years of everyday use.

  • robin

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2013Motorola needed rebonwhere i will get's emergency

  • Anonymous

Motorola needed rebon

  • AnonD-102826

where can i get earsets or a connector? and does this phone support any downloadable themes?

  • Anonymous

My first cell phone. Loved it a lot.

  • Anonymous

my phone just blackout/ cannot be open/ no power, i can use it anymore !!!!! too bad

  • mircea

i have probl with foto mode the image is video mode is ok.

  • Seifer

never buy this !! never !!! full bugs, motomag its to badd

  • MIKE

ve66 i have one,suddenly i have problem with the flex can somebody help me when to find flex..tanx

  • Seifer

I buy this phone las year, too badd all blocked and dont install themes... you mus flash it !! TO BAD

  • Anonymous

I have ve66 and I need advise how I can transfer contact details to laptop
Thank you

  • Richter

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2010is this beter or zn5 The ZN5 is a lot better, because it has more modding, a better camera software, xenon flash, internal memory, etc. But personally i prefer another phone. Motolinux is a dead os, and without support.

  • mohammad

After buying the phone after twenty months of use of rokr e2 i felt it is a major shift for Motorola, but except for some things
Keyboard the most poor in all Motorola phones
Operating system lacks its predecessor modding ability

  • John

I love this phone!! Camera is great outdoors but terrible indoors though. Call quality is perfect, and service is better than other phones in the household. Rugged Motorola quality, I've dropped it several times (carry case unsnapped without knowing) and no problems other than trim blemishes. Had Motorola phones for years, switched breifly but back now. This is my best one yet!

  • Anonymous

is this beter or zn5

  • Anonymous

zaiin, 23 May 2010love this phone..though the cam is not good at all!plz keep your phone at auto flash mode

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2010where is the memory card installed in ve66right above the sim card at the back of the phone

  • womanlogger

to set internet go to I found this link when I was trying to get my internet going on my VE66. It is free from motorola. They will send you a message to set internet, wap and mms settings. You just need to select your phone, carrier and country. If you want to check email be sure to check the email box yes, under web sessions. You will recieve two messages, one will tell you your sim pin and the next click install to get your settings. Hope this helps.

  • jamal

pls advise how to set my internet browser
i cant view web pages

  • Anonymous

tasoti73, 11 Jan 2010Pros:Nice look, clever lock top panel with side button, lik... moreVery informative. Ty.