Motorola VE75

Motorola VE75

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  • Anonymous

I may not know as much as the owners of this great site know , but i am sure that it hasn't got a 1.3 megapixel camera and i have proofs.I don't know who spread this rumour but i want to believe he is wrong because i like this phone and i am going to buy it as soon as it comes to greece!

  • hanson

the first time i saw this phone, its like LG phone or sony ericsson's. but finally motorola made a new concept on their mobile. keep it up! even they only give a 1,3 MP

  • talha

to Nxsf
Motorola z8 does have pdf viewer built in,OKAY

  • Anonymous

there is nothing much to talk about this phone.

such a worst planning. 2.6" for only GSM. that too 1.3 MP.

i don't find a single reason to buy this phone.

  • nhoctrunggaden@yahoo

this one proved that Moto has waken up....but still a little sleepy....

  • Anonymous

Motorola VE75 for Entry Level / Low End so is that's any other brand have 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera for Entry Level / Low End?

  • andy

camera just 1.3mp doesn't update...

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson W760 copy from Motorola Z3; in this case copy from razr factor (place for chin). So truth is Sony Ericsson copy from Motorola.

Sony Ericsson thin candybar copy from Motorola L6.
Sony Ericsson rotate copy from Motorola V70.
Sony Ericsson G700 copy from Nokia.

Sony Ericsson getting worst falling profit. Also Sony Electronic getting worst falling profit too.

  • Anonymous

JK, 03 Aug 2008Eh...moving from 2nd place to 3rd place is not recovery. Motorol... moreMoto was actually in 1st place when nobody else was making mobile phones.

Call me naive, as though I have never owned any V3, I've owned many of its variations...V3maxx/V3maxx i-mode, V6, and none of them has any major problem throughout the years, as I still have "all" of them operational right now.

  • JK

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2008this phone is great.....people this phone has 2.0mp,in motorola.... moreEh...moving from 2nd place to 3rd place is not recovery. Motorola have a fatal, self-inflicted wound. It's called poor quality testing. Can anyone here see the return rates on the V3 ?

  • good

depmod, 02 Aug 2008Well i am confused.Some say that it has 2mp camera and some say ... moresee u can go for that after it launches and knows its performance apart from that dont go 2 purcase with out any status because it is motorola

  • uttamkumar

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2008Looks like a blatant copy of the Sony Ericsson W760his look not sonyericcson ok his look

  • Anonymous

Looks like a blatant copy of the Sony Ericsson W760

  • virgil

Thank God this phone has 2 MegaPixel cam.
I like the large screen!
I think this is just a regular motorola handset.

  • depmod

Well i am confused.Some say that it has 2mp camera and some say 1.3mp.If you want the truth check this url­5-in-the-Wild-4.jpg

  • DeJust

UNBELIEVABLE, 30 Jul 2008does anyone agree with me in saying that this looks like a nokia... moreYou hate Motorola for the sake of hating it and you seem to forget that if it was`nt for Moto you would`nt know a cellphone. Yes you`re right even in the shopping mall in my place I`ve seen all Motorolas have been removed in one of the phone shops but maybe Motorola is getting rid of old stuff. I personally like the way Motorola operates but the only bad thing is that Moto makes the best phones for China and the US markets but they`re still no.3 and onother thing is they don`t put enough software in one device to make it the ultimate model, for example the Z6w has wi-fi but no 3G, no PDF veiwer, the Z8 has 16million colurs,Symbian UIQ OS, HSDPA, no wi-fi,no radio, no PDF veiwer(can download from Symbian), the Q9h has everything but lacks wi-fi and the RORKR E6 has everything(including the 3.5mm jack) but lacks ONLY 3G. Remember all those phones has the Opera Mobile browser(unlike GIANTS Nokia`s new S40 devices that come with Operamini pre-installed) and I mean even the Synergy OS devices which are low to mid-end like Nokia S40 such as the V3 XX, V6 MAXX, K3 and Z3 come with Opera Mobile which is for smartphones.

  • Bo

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2008this phone is great.....people this phone has 2.0mp,in motorola.... moreI agree with you. Not to mention swivel phone, dual large screen clamshell, soft-touch casing, and many more.

  • b2oone

hey! ...nobody notice that the phone has got ..the fabolous DUAL SIM thang?...

  • Demeroth

Hmmm, werd resolution of screen and 1.3 Mp ???, this fone is one of the worse motorola ideas.

  • depmod

trajano, 31 Jul 2008This phone look cool but has two problems has a camara just with... moreTo tell you the truth , it's not sure if it has a 1,3 magapixel camera.If you see a picture of it's back you'll see near the camera writting "2 MEGAPIXEL"