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Motorola W270

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  • Jit

I can't change mobile station through hands-free.In nokia mobile its working but why not in motorola.I am so much confuse.Plz guide me?

  • Vikram

Hey Guys,
This is Vikram Posting the review/Hands on Experience about this phone.
Guys Lets Get down to the Basic point first.
This phone is for the people who are not allowed to take the camera phones to the office.and i am working for a MNC.
I just wanted a phone for Music, and the music in this phone is awesome. I know that i could have gone for an Ipod but i wanted a Spare phone for and a music player where i can Expand the Memory upto.
I just bought this phone yesterday from a MOTO Store here in Bangalore. I just paid 2900 INR for this phone. And i bought a Transcend 2 GB Memory Card. And its working abs... Fine.Cant Ask for Anything more.And i know this phone doesnt have a Camera or a Bluetooth or even IR.
Come on guys this phone is being sold for 2900 INR ....which is a loot.If u want Camera and Bluetooth Enabled phones then Look go for Higher Budget.
The Battery backup is awesome.
And this is the second i am using this phone.
And they have released a New Headset with this phone which is really good.
Earlier i was using a W230 .But this one for sure Rocks.

Kudos to Motorola

  • VARSH78

sanit, 02 Sep 2008hi guys plz plz tell me that can i play the mp3 songs in outside... moreya u can really play mp3 on external speakers as well as u can download images from ur pc and u can set the songs as ringtones too.

  • Jerry

Hi, is there a way to backup contacts in the phonebook?

  • Anonymous

Jayshree makwana, 27 Aug 2008I want to know that it will able to connect with PC by using thi... moreu cannot use the w270 as a modem for your pc/laptop

  • raul

I currently use moto w270. Now my question is that is there a way to switch off the sound that comes when we put the phone to charging. Also, is there a way to stop the sound which comes with the details showing my account balance after every call i make . The two sounds feel very irritating to me.

  • keshavakumar

hey you have to download a charger driver from motorola website and then install it in your computer and then connect your phone to the pc with the flip open and then immediately u wil get a message as store as mass storage device press yes and then u get the device as a pen drive like icon in my computer before doing this u should format your micro sd in settings/initial setup (before plugging to pc )and then when u get icon in my computer ,open it and copy songs (mp3(preferable) ,imelody ,amr format only)into music folder and pictures into pictures folder.. samely remove the device and have a blast.. if it wont work contact me

  • Shazan

My windows XP cannot find the driver for my mobile Can anyone help me

  • Raghvendra Singh

ravi, 06 Aug 2008hi im purchased w270 few days back. i upload some of my picture... moreopen the pic using paint brush in windows and save it as jpeg with different name and then copy the pic you can able to open it...........

  • sanit

hi guys plz plz tell me that can i play the mp3 songs in outside speaker that mean the phone contain the outside speaker or not.and plz tell me that can i set the download song as ringtones can i download the image from my pc to the phone.plz guys help me.ur ans plz send to

thank u

  • Anonymous

snazzy, 01 Sep 2008Can anyone tell my y the music i've downloaded unto this ph just... morehey u must first learn to use the gadgets..
when u load songs in the memory card, load the songs in a folder named "music", which is already present in the card when u connect it to through data cable...

  • Dev

My win XP cannot find the driver for my mob....Plz help

  • snazzy

Can anyone tell my y the music i've downloaded unto this ph just won't play...I keep getting a message that the music library is empty but when my card is any other phone i can retrive all my music i had the same problen with the W230 as well and i swapped for this model but the same problems here again......please help

  • George

I put the Micro SD, turn on cel, but never appear this message:
"Connect phone as storage device?"

SD is broken?
Cel is broken?
Both has 2 days!

Please your help


Ram Report> In reply to NIKI @ 2008-06-14 08:27 from utuM
First insert the micro sd card into your mobile phone and switch it on.Then connect phone to the computer using the USB cable which is provided with the phone.Now this message will appear on your phone:"Connect phone as storage device?" Select 'yes' and go to my computer and you will see a 'Removable Disk' icon there. Now just transfer the music files into the 'music' folder in the 'Removable Disk'.Always remember that the player supports 'MP3', 'MIDI', 'iMelody' and 'AMR' music file formats only. After transferring the data remove your phone from the computer using the 'Safely remove hardware' icon on the taskbar.

Reply 2008-06-14 18:43

  • Rituraj

My win vista cannot fing the driver for my mob....Plz help

  • RAJ

John Iranaeus, 28 Aug 2008Can anyone please tell me how to set message tones in W270...pls... morehi john i want to reply to ur question
to settings option then select ringstyle
then change the vibrate and ring detail there u find text msg option there u set the
msg tone preloaded or memory card

  • Anonymous

Jayshree makwana, 27 Aug 2008I want to know that it will able to connect with PC by using thi... moreYes U can connect ur phone to internet.
for that u need to install the Motorolla Phone Tools Software Which is Free Available on Motorola Website.After the activate the gprs on your SIM card and request for the settings to ur SIM Company.If u get the settings then u can start the MPT and Connect to the Internet

  • John Iranaeus

Can anyone please tell me how to set message tones in W270...pls mail me

  • Jayshree makwana

I want to know that it will able to connect with PC by using this phone through GPRS with data cable or any special drive is required.Pl.give me information as soon as possible because I am planning for purchasing this model but I am from remote location where dealer not able to satisfy my query about this model.My mail address is

  • raj

how can i add a new line to my msg in w270...?
plz mail me to