Motorola W395

Motorola W395

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  • cyber-spy

Don't you think that the price is too high!!!

  • top

wth? it really is 450 euros? lol.. this is sick.. gsmarena.. please fix its' price..

  • ROSA

des phones is good

  • Anonymous

piece o crap. camera is terrible quality - grainy small pictures. buy a better phone please! not this one. i got it free with a plan, but i wish i had paid money to get something better. it ended up getting water damage and i bought an LG Shine instead. it's much better than this crappy motorola phone

  • ex_moto_employee

advice dude, 10 Aug 2008ive had this phone before and u dont wana no what bad things i c... moreLies. This phone has never been released. It was spun off into the Moto ACTV (W450).

  • advice dude

ive had this phone before and u dont wana no what bad things i can say about it! please do not take this phone. my dad had it it lags for up to 15 mins u have to take out the battery to make it work again!

  • Anonymous

When I first got this phone it was great but then all of a sudden it starting freezing if you want to say!! the main screen would go white or black and sometimes a regular screen but without the main menu and shourtcuts!! i have dropped it once but it still worked the same for about a week then all of a sudden it started this. I took the battery out a few times but nothing works.

  • tyler

hey people, i really need your help. Motorola keeps making new w-series "krzr" phones, yet EVERYTIME they lack a certain feature. For example, w375 cool phone, no bluetooth or micro-sd slot. The w270, i know it's a budget phone but motorola should make another one with a camera. I have been waiting a long time for motorola to wake up and just make one fine w-series flip phone. If enough of us can go to and contact them to try to convince them to make a w-series flip phone with Fm radio, micro-sd slot, bluetooth, and camera, they might actually take this idea and introduce one last w-series phone. They actually came pretty close with the w490, but it doesn't have an fm radio (Really important to me) So I would really appreciate it if you all could send motorola a simple e-mail telling them that they should make ONE LAST w-series flip phone with all of the features consumers want; bluetooth, fm radio, camera, and micro-sd slot, that's all we need! Thanks everyone!

  • Dosi

It's a phone with all that a "NORMAL PERSON" will need.
It have all required for keep you happy.
The only problem is that the market is full of phones like that

  • shun otaki

can this phone be charge by computers?

  • Anonymous

motorola ur all the multimedia with hits the market .but u hesitate u give f.m radio in ur all multimedia phones .
plz give the in ur all all phones
then ur all handsets will hit the market .
come on motorola

  • Kaylie

Motorola just keeps coming out with thinner and thinner phones.

anywaaaays love this. had it for 3 weeks now its going great. love the jet black and clock display on external screen. i traded my chocolate for this and it was worth it.

  • vinith has posted information on four phones, which according to them will be part of the 2008 product line of Motorola. We are rather skeptical about it, but will post this information. All phones are with code-names, which is typical considering there is lots of time until they are released.

Motorola SKARVEN is 8-megapixel cameraphone with optical zoom and 2.8” inch, 16 million color display. Similar to the Z8, it uses the kick-slide form-factor but judging from the blurry image, we guess it will also have touch-sensitive buttons. If this information is right, it will be one of the most advanced Motorola phones.


Motorola TEXEL

Motorola GENGHIS
Motorola X PIXL is rumored to be the first phone, launched in cooperation with Kodak. A 5-megapixel candybar, it is also targeted as dedicated cameraphone and as rival to the Sony Ericsson K850 and other models from the class. Rumors say it will be available as the Motorola Z12.
The third new phone is the Motorola TEXEL which is targeted to the music fans. Similar to the E8, it has multilayered keyboard (nine layers of characters) with “morph technology”. This means that each key can display (and respectively execute) nine different functions.
Motorola GENGHIS is the last phone that the site scooped. It is QWERTY-equipped phone for the masses. Considering the Q-family, it may run on WM6 Standard OS but still this is definitely not sure.

According to the site, Motorola will keep the ROKR branding for its music-dedicated phones, but will start other families: ZOOM for advanced cameraphones and MULTI Q for the Q-like devices that have business-oriented functionality

  • chris

Not good. Had all types of mobiles and the Motorola is the most un reliable, V3i V3x V3xx and all of them have frozen up especially when sending txt and the reception could be improved W395 so far has only frozen once. The best part is that Motorola didn't want anything to do with them either.. Not good.

  • M.S.M Azeem

I love this Mobile

  • geoff

would be nice if this was a little thinner like V3i. plus.. no 3G that means i cant use my 3 sim card on this! why create a phone that is not compatible to all phone company?

  • Anonymous

No 3G?!?!? damn-it!!

  • Anonymous


  • sunil

plz give with card slot .otherwise this phone will be going to flaup from my point of u

  • Leon

can somebody tell me the material of the battery door, plastic or aluminium with spray painting? thanks a lot!