Motorola W396

Motorola W396

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  • Tusar

Please can anyone tell me about its battery life and sound quality and abt camera and also When it will be available in Indian market ? further what will be the price? please.............................

  • tyler

I really miss the old Motorola. Back in 2004, they were awesome. They took risks with NEW designs such as the RAZR, A630, SLVR, ROKR, ect. Now all they do is make repeats of things they already made. Most of them have little to no improvement. I miss the old Motorola =/


this ph is quite as same as ur all the ph 270,w375 and many more. we the youngester wants some crazy look.something dhasu........ wake up ur mind designers. come back soon in market like a leader ok

  • ven

Every phone of mot seems to lok lke the Razr to me.

Motorola was still partying in 2006 after the success of the Razr,not realizing that in this cut throat competetive market,u can't sit on your laurels.While the likes of LG & Samsung continously developed newer & better models,all mot did was make clones of the razr.

  • makaveli

what's the point of making this phone. it's ugly really bad features.

  • Anonymous

your so ugly!!UgLy!!

  • Kumar

Motorola should change their minds in terms of design of the phone they should manufacture with some groovy shapes and designs, features are satisfied and the price range they should start somewhere from Rs.1400.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2008Please dont turn out ot be another RaZR or KRZR phone, ZN5, Rizr... moreMoto + Symbian? Have you ever used the Z8? Why bother with Symbian when my Z8 can't offer basic navigation keys customization like a low-end W270?

  • Anonymous

tyler, 14 Aug 2008thank you motorola for finally releasing a good looking W-series... moreI though W230 & W270 already offer both FM & micro-SD card slot months ago...

  • dark_knight

this phone should be good at the projected price :)

  • Bo

A good looking low-end. Wow, finally.

  • Nilotpal Ghosh

Thank U Moto for releasing W396. I think it is Upgradation of Moto W270 with Big Screen And VGA Cam. How Much Price This in Indian Rupee?

  • tyler

thank you motorola for finally releasing a good looking W-series phone with FM radio AND micro-sd slot. Can't wait until it's release!

  • Anonymous

Please dont turn out ot be another RaZR or KRZR phone, ZN5, Rizr, A series and some of the newer rokrs are a good start.