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In Brazil, the EX132 variant was launched as MOTOSCREEN Mini.
The difference is only the outline of the frame, in red color.

  • Kiyasuriin

SIC, 22 Apr 2013Motorola Wilder is a very handy set for me. I enjoy using i... moreIt's fairly simple... even such old devices comes with a smart lock. which means it will be auto-unlocked if something happend.
and now onto our subject.... go to screen lock settings, and there should be an option of screen smart unlock. (may be called in different names too.) and use your prefered smart method. (there's trusted devices, Trusted places and on-body detection.)

  • SIC

Motorola Wilder is a very handy set for me. I enjoy using it, but there is one tiny problem. How can I lock my Moto Wilder with access/security code/pin swiftly so that no one can access it, and so that I don't have to lock the phone manually every time I unlock it? Can anybody help me, please?

  • Charlie.K

mander 55, 06 Nov 2012How do you delete unwanted recivied files need helpTo remove an item, Press the item and hold up. A menu will pop up and you can choose what to delete, move and copy.

  • mander 55

How do you delete unwanted recivied files need help

  • gaz

GOOD IDEA IF MOTOROLA DID INSTRUCTION BOOKLET WITH PHONE. on finally speaking to 'helpline' was told to cut down on waste and envirolmental policy they no longer do instruction booklet either paper or downloadable ......

  • pak

nice look. tuff set. i think i shoul buy this set.

  • Thiago_Oliv

Leo, 27 Mar 2012I was exited about this phone (fot its low price and good l... moreYeah, resistive TFT sucks

  • Leo

I was exited about this phone (fot its low price and good looks), till I read: TFT RESISTIVE touch screen. Then I just tought: Damn, another piece of trash as the
Nokia c2-2. What a pity. Motorola always wasting plastic.

  • Anonymous

hamzzzz, 23 Jul 2011any complete review out there? there was a video review of ... moreDefy is not water proof only resistant IP54..i would assume as it says resistant here to it would be the same.. only dust proof..

  • hamzzzz

any complete review out there? there was a video review of motorola defy in which they put it in a glass of good is the water proof of this phone?? is the water proof same as defy?

  • Anonymous

hey guys this is not android phone
i think is braw os with full saport java

anyway i love this phone and waiting to get it soon in iran

  • ckwolf

just seen a video review off this phone and it looks cool for the price,if your looking for a non android phone it works just fine wifi would be nice tho.
the prob with android phones is the go out so quickly and need to be updated all the time.
its about time phone makers do sometgthing for people that dont want to much and is a fun but good a looking device with out to much rubbish on them that you dont use !!!!

  • scott

this is NOT a android device and is available at carphonewarehouse for 50 pound on pay and go, think defy ie water proof etc with v3 software

  • Bread

Low-cost Android with an iconic design. Awesome!

  • Anonymous

When will you review this phone......

  • Anonymous

i hope buy this phone
very nice design

its graet for mi secend phone after defy

  • AnonD-11519

Sounds good.I think price should be about $50 for no wi-fi or 3g

  • Anonymous

very good

  • Anonymous

nice phone