Motorola XT760

Motorola XT760

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  • raza.

Best brand in world wide !!! Motorola rocks.

  • Raza .

Motorola rocks ! Top brand in worlds mobile industry !!

  • Raza .

Motorola rocks ! Top brand in worlds mobile industry !!

  • eminem

very nice

  • lun ka matha

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2012Pleaces for the xt720Phones prizesxt720 phone is piece of garbage i had it i wouldnt advise you to buy moto phones they are good for nothin

  • ucu

Kodac just died lol

  • nycolayvl

motorola you need a good camera for your phones buy KODAK and make history xenon flash led light and good luck

  • Anonymous

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??, 08 Jun 2012no gpu??? and y motorola is manufacturing mobile for particular ... moreOf course it has a gpu, it just isn't listed here at the moment.

  • Anonymous

Pleaces for the xt720Phones prizes

  • Rupnath

I just can't understand why Motorola is making sets particularly for China only,? Could it be the popularity and demand,? If it is so, then Motorola should eye one more country similar to China, i.e. India. If once again it succeeds marketing in India with its uniquely build sets then I am 100% sure Moto will be no. One brand in India as it was in the beginning...,!!

  • chuk nrz

WTF no more moto love for USA ?

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??

no gpu??? and y motorola is manufacturing mobile for particular countries???

  • Flash

Well in india motorola atrix2 is available cheaper than galaxy r.and surprisingly atrix 2 is well ahead in terms of specs esp. Wid the camera department lyk it has 8 mp primary camera with hd1080p video recording unlike the 5 mp camera and 720p of galaxy r.and this new gadget for china(hopefully gets releasd in later part of d world later) is in someway like the atrix 2.but yes like said here seems better buy over xperia u and galaxy r.but maybe not as gud as motorola atrix 2 although its quite identical comparision wid galaxy r­20&idPhone2=3967 and with the xperia u­20&idPhone2=4437 and quite similar whn compared with atrix 2 if this gets ics then it will be a preference over atrix 2­20&idPhone2=4199 hope this cms india wid price tag of around 20k or less than atrix


WOW. . . when will be it released in other parts of the world,its lyk atrix 2.. . but have better design. . and ofcourse better than samsung galaxy R. . instead of advertisement samsung shud start making such phones

  • kdavid991

very good phone , moto must go also for other markets

  • AnonD-1846

This must be cheap for a Dual core phone. Moto is fully in the market in China.

  • lol

WOW! so wow! but for china :(