Motorola Z6w

Motorola Z6w

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  • Lucifer

Stop with that racist crap! Motos are made in China, Singapore etc. If you want to be political - I say Christians buy Nokias and I'm a Satanist so I support Motorola and Sony Ericsson. And also because they make the best phones.

  • wellington

Great moto !!!

  • retry

I'll buy it if it will come. No FM is not so cool but LinuxMoto is the best OS.

  • Anonymous


moto is sticking w/ 2mp only???

poor moto!!!


better luck nxt tym!!!

  • Bo

You're so mean!

Moto is seeing another chance, which is not WMC. They have a very big plan with Skarven, X Pixl, Texel and Genghis. Just wait and see... and buy!

  • simon

only 2mp camera and no 3g or fm radio poor again from moto.

  • Anonymous

It has only qcef video. Should have been atleast qvga.