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sexy phone

  • eddie

I owned this phone for about a week. It's very sleek and pretty. Has some good features, but not enough. Pictures ok, but can't do anything with them once taken. No croping, editing nothing fun. This phone sucks. It's boring. I took it back and bought an unlocked K850i by sony ericsson and am so happy I did so. I bought the razor when it was first released and did the same, took back. Motorola phones suck. Motorola better start picking up the ball because it's bouncing away. If you have ATT, don't buy this phone. Wait for something or buy Sony ericsson W580, so much better. Thanx, eddie

  • Yasas

hans, 02 Jun 2008i aggree that moto 2mp is better than nokia 3.2 mp! even my moto... moreYes I agreed

  • hans

Anonymous, 04 May 2008Motorola's 2MP camera are better than 3.2MP camera(with auto foc... morei aggree that moto 2mp is better than nokia 3.2 mp! even my moto rokre2 1.3camera is good during night compare my friends phone nokia n80.
but my krzr k1 is other story.
the camera quality is bad compare my previous
moto v6

  • hans

how about this phone sound?

  • raythan@#$$%@#%@gmai

hello everyone i am currenlty planing on purchasing this phone by chance, is this phone a touch phone like the lg chocolate or is it a regular phone like the z3 please let me know thanks.

  • jjsoviet

Stuart, 29 May 2008I agreed on the inclusion of WiFi and touch screen too for futur... moreVery true on that comment, Stuart. Adding bells and whistles WILL drag the battery down. Even my iPod Touch can't live for 5 hours surfing the net using WiFi. This goes to show that phones cannot do everything we wanted them to do. We're pushing the phone to the limits wherein everyone will think that the best ones are the phones with the most features, not the best.

  • Stuart

I agreed on the inclusion of WiFi and touch screen too for future models.

On camera, the 2.0MP is nothing to shout about BUT it's picture quality is not bad either. I'm currently not a Z9 user yet but have used Z3 and currently using V8. The 2.0MP did not disappoint me, in fact I used it to take pictures and email to my clients. Viewing from Microsoft Office Picture Manager, the pictures were generally good, I would say.

The other concern on too much features in a mobile phone (applies to all other brands)would affect it's battery consumption. 3G, Camera with flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, Music player, would definitely drag it's power. That's why most of the PDA phones nowadays have battery above 1000Mah and yet, talk time aren't impressive.

  • Anonymous

I think moto z9 should include wifi because is the future, and touch screen, too.

  • Stuart

I fully agreed with you love moto. Not being disrespectful to any brands, the materials used in the Motorola phones especially the higher range were impressive. Built is solid, voice quality VERY impressive - CrystalTalk. I'm currently using V8, considering this Z9 seriously.

  • love moto

to all guys who hate motorola,
you judge instantly without knowing
the beauty of it,
someone said a comment about it that "
2mp of motorola is better than 3.15mp of nokia"
past few years i'm using nokia phone i thought it was cool but is not =( and i also read the news that motorola will quit i'm also happy about that but when i saw motorola e8 and u9 it was cool compare to nokia that really sucks those phones are cool and affordable while compare it to the nokia which is expensive and it really sucks!
(like materials used in nokia)
thanks for reading... =)

  • love moto

to all guys who hate motorola..
do you own a motorola?
you judge instantly without knowing
the beauty of it, if you just think..
one comment here said "2 mp of moto is better than 3.5 mp of nokia"
in past few years i'm using
nokia phones but it sucks, i was
also happy then when i heard that
moto while quit or something like that,
but when i saw the features of moto like in u9 and e8 i found it amazing and will really worth every cents affordable and great, unlike nokia expensive but it sucks,.

  • Anonymous

The phone itself doesn't have any GPS maps built-in and you can't save any to it. The navigation it uses depends on having a network. This can be really bad if you are lost somewhere where you don't have reception. So basically, there is almost no advantage in having this phone over the regular rizr series.

  • feliiibabiie

thiisss phone iss sooo fregginn gorgeous.
especailly dha burgandy red =]

  • Anonymous

Nicholas Gray, you should really visit the old phone websites instead of this one.

The old phones are really much thicker and longer than this one.
So let us discerning people alone.

  • Stu

Come on Nicholas, it's just a phone review website, if you want toys, go spend time at other websites and let it out with people that are relevant.
Thanks for the understanding.

  • Novaro Thompson

Does this fone really have fm radio if so i would consider buying it as it is really not a bad fone

  • Anonymous

I used the Motorola Z9 for about a week. The Phone really does have great call quality and sound, crystal clear. It also has a great screen, crystal clear. It's packed with some fun features like gps, tv, xfm radio, good stuff. As far as the pic quality, ok. When you take a pic and save, you can't do any thing as far as zoom, crop, rotate, no editing what so ever this pissed me off. The texting options are also limited. It does'nt have emoticons, which my girlfriend motorola razor has that. This issues that I have with the Z9 might not be a deal breaker for you but it was for me. I
like my tilt better. I was trying simplyfy with the Z9 but I will wait. As far as the LG shine, I would buy that for it's features over the Z9. But I hear the screen likes to crack. Hope this was helpful. It is a good semi basic phone, I just don't understand motorolal ways of trying to make something better with no follow through. thanx eddie

  • fenrir

is the motorola z9 can make a video calling?

  • PoweR_of_DarK

Motorola is going to the long way from 2nd manufacturer in the world to death. I have many Motorola's and they work great (like E398 and MPx220) but they are old and haven't enough things. I want Moto ressorect, but they wont. Moto will be trade for a low price to the Company in Chna or Korea like Siemens and will dead like Siemens.
Motorola goes down since 2005 when they CANCEL their best inovative phones like E1120 (with 3.2MP camera). They have bad boss and he will kill the company which create the first GSM in the world :(