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i always liked motorola,but this product..... it is awesome! the BEST from motorola so far in specification,but not in style: 2.6 screen is big,but 4 this phone will be great 2.6 screen. Motorola could made 25 fps,not 15fps and 176x144 size.... (v6 maxx plays even 30 fps,but 176x144).
WI-fi..finnaly!!! battery life...WOW... and this phone has best camera from all biggest manufacturers. FM radio.... good.... i like this phone also for its price...overall:best build quality,features and worth buying...

  • Odietz

Freescale rocks!
Cheap hardware but high performance, I hope Nokia'll use this soon, since they still use 369 Mhz one.

  • Anonymous

motorolas first 5 megapixel is outdated.
sony ericsson has 8megapixels!

  • momo king
This is a very nice phone.

  • Bac0n

If they can keep the price down this wil be popular imho, ok the phone may not be the greatest but the camera seems to match many of the current handsets. The handset itself does what it says on the tin... makes calls, will be a great phone for someone who want basic funtions rather that every single gadget.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2008From Motorola ZN5 Announcement until Release have time around 1 ... moreI hope so, QCIF 15 fps video for a high end phone is a disaster, it was bad to have this back in 2006...

  • Anonymous

From Motorola ZN5 Announcement until Release have time around 1 week until 1 months (July 2008). Anything possible to changing. Example: Motorola Z8 when announcement has support 8 Gb external memory slot but when release has support 32 Gb external memory slot. Still Possible for Motorola to change from 15 fps to be 30 fps, from QCIF to be CIF.

Off course, possible to make much better photo quality than review we know now. Also possible to compete with 8 Mega Pixel Camera from Sony Ericsson C905.

  • Anonymous

almost multimedia perfect gadget. don't mind about no 3g. But the video should be better, 30fps VGA. that will be perfect...

  • Louie

oh my GOD!! i didn't noticed that it doesn't have 3G/3.5G
that's a bigggggggggggg TURN OFF!

  • Louie

Yeah, i agree. This phone is a very nice one.
I've been longing for so long having a motorola mobile phone but I'd doubt before on getting motorola because mostly their phones doesn't have the complete features I'v been looking for.
But this phone is really good!!it's has all the features!
What I don't like is the style at the back, there is a bulge on the part where the camera was embedded.

  • momo king

I hope we do not need to wait for long time for this phone. This is a very nice phone with all the good things.

  • Motorola Fan

THANK YOU MOTOROLA!!! i've been waiting years for you'll to bring out a phone that has a good operating system with a great camera and with wifi ready, i cant wait for the release of this phone i kno it'll be BIG

  • Chase

No 3G / 3.5G is the reason it will not sell very well.

Wi-Fi...they finally got the idea.

15fps video? What another joke that is, why not have a all in one phone, instead of a phone, that has some things you want, but others it doesnt have that you would like. you can get that from Nokia and Ericsson.

TrackID music recognition would be nice, since the 3.5mm audi jack was there that this could be their next biggest RAZR like phone, since its so stylish.

  • luis

amazin, 24 Jun 2008This phone is simply amazing and I'm so touched by motorola, who... moreThis phone will really help to Motorola if the price tag is adequate. If not people will prefer other phones with worse camera or music quality but better design and price.

  • ram

ok 5mp first motorola .Thank u motorola you again this phone ....

  • ali

this 5 mp is the best.motorola always have had very good camera phone

  • amazin

This phone is simply amazing and I'm so touched by motorola, who's been suffering from market loss. But really though this phone has it all I mean I HAVE HAD phototagraphy study and RAW format is just amazing basicly its a un compressed format of the picture, thus superior quality and what pretty cool is that it has superiour sounf quality as well mobile-review say: beating any Ipod hands down. But I also like what I've read about the performance of this phone here is what SMAPE wrote: 'In Motorola V8, U9 and E8 we witnessed gradual improvements in performance when it came down to graphics, though the boost was negligible and was largely due to the software optimizations. When ZN5 was in development, it was clear that 5 Mp photos taken in RAW mode will make the regular IPU choke, which resulted in an extra IPU getting installed on board. This gives the handset enough computing power to beat even Nokia N82 and its dedicated 2D/3D graphics accelerator which makes part of the OMPA 2420 platform. ' This phone is gonna get MOTO back to the top, Did I mention I'm originally a Sonyericsson fan. Yup that's how much this phone amazed me.

  • ram

motorola zn5 program Linux new and camera 5mp very good motorola and 500 mhz prpseesar ok i love this phone

  • Oneito

I can't wait to get release, 3G is very expensive yet, the video, I prefer thousand time a best pic, and is not bulky like other 5mpx with xenon flash solutions, I can't wait to buy it