Motorola ZN5

Motorola ZN5

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  • Anonymous

any idea,why my zn5 is suddenly switch off and switch on itself frequently. any idea how to solve it?

  • wei chong

wat? king of friend said even his 2mp nokia is better than zn5!

  • cuong nguyen

the wifi of my zn5 works fine! the only bad thing is that it cannot play videos on youtube.. but that's ok for me! yes, mine's made in china too!

  • claudiu

motofan`, 12 Oct 2009erm... i bought it yesterday too with 98SG dollar with contract.... moreyour phone is also made in china??? in romania i bought it eith 180 dollars without a contract

  • motofan`

erm... i bought it yesterday too with 98SG dollar with contract.. at singtel retailer shop... hmmm.. is ok.. is working fine.. and i love it hah!!! wifi is nort prob for mi too.. i still can connect ar... theres is no prob and the mp3 player is great!

  • claudiu

hello moto fans! yesterday i bought my zn5 an 3 monthes ago a roker e8. bought are made in china and the quality of zn5 is very bad. i have a problem with wi-fi. it discover the network but doesn,t connet to it even if the network don't have a password. why??? excuse my poor english

  • bmwa6

does it supports mp4 ?

  • Anonymous

When will moto release its 3g version?

  • Anonymous

zn5 s just 9000Rs in india..

  • Anonymous

cuong nguyen, 10 Oct 2009How can i solve the battery invalid problem? does anyone here ha... moreIf I'm facing this kind of problem, most probably I'll go back to the place where this phone was bought, and ask for a repair or whatever.

  • cuong nguyen

How can i solve the battery invalid problem? does anyone here have the same one?

  • stphnstnd

got my zn 5.. this phone is superb for pix.. i traded my s.e. k800 for this phone,, i love this phone so much i also got s.e. k850i but it doesn't match the prowess and powers of this phone.. for me this is the best 5 mega pixel camera in the market..

moto zn 5 is the best 5mp camera phone!

the price is superb and worth it. got wi-fi also to upload pix directly to my facebook account..
this is a super camera cellphone..

the downside is (for me) can't play youtube videos.. but thankfully i have my ipodtouch to play youtube..

nothing more to say..

  • cuong nguyen

I wonder if the media list of Zn5 refreshes itself only when I restart the phone. Am i right?

  • Anonymous

and about mp3player zn5 worked like the best music phone
voice qulity is amazing and realy unrival and too loud
everythig is great
thanks very much moto

  • Anonymous

i use zn5 for 1year and realy happy
i bet u never other company cant make the phone with this quality camera
zn5 is realy king of camera phone

  • ekasro

how to insatal new firmwares????please,,,

  • cuong nguyen

Tip: turn the screen brightness down to level 1, the phone will last for over 4days ^^ with an average of usage (including messaging, playing music, receiving phone calls, and taking photos) for a single charge!!! nice!


check here i thinck your need's are here guys :­?f=211

enjoy with your moto phone with new firmwere

  • coklom

please teach me how to install new firmware to zn5 from help me please..

  • bogs28

this is the true king of camera phones!!!!!!!