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  • hossain

guys cumon man u gotta be honest ........ this phone absolutely rocks! there is nothing which it lacks. trust me guys this is my 37th phone, i have used absolutely everything in the market there is..... i actually prefer its cam and screen to the n95 8gb....... screen is big and beautiful . really bright . wifi works like a charm . with slim and hot body..... every function is gr8. have u heard of a delayed sms?? read up guys!! i hated moto and i was a complete sony fan but after this phone now im a big moto fan ..... sony just lost a fan...... trust me just pick it up !


As far as the segment of imaging-savvy devices is concerned, the Motorola ZN5 is a better pick than the Nokia 6220 Classic, Nokia N82, the Sony Ericsson K850i and itís not even close

The Motorola ZN5ís results in our RMAA tests can be easily compared with music players from top manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Creative Ė the fact of the matter is that there is only a handful of handsets that fare just as well on this front. The standard 3,5 mm jack also adds to the ZN5ís brilliance of sound, as it allows to avoid accidental signal distortions. Plus, the handsetís tweaked software allocates more resources to sound processing.

  • Coklom

4 u, 02 Mar 2009go to and look for Prism video converter,very simpl...'s really work..i love zn5.

  • sumit

i purchased this phone 1 day ago due to so many features at a very cheap cost splly d 5 mp cam wid xenon flash as xenon flash is der only in cells whose costs r more then 20000 ...although its cam quality is best sound quality is avg wifi facilty is der but it hangs so many times in b/w so it sucks also so it is d combination of both good nd bad 1

  • gtx

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2009hahaha, did you tested it or just reading a comments.. do you ha... morei have owned the n82 but dumped it
reason? poor battery life and bad screen(it is exactly the same as the one in N73)

while zn5 might not be a better phone overall than N82, the pic quality on zn5 is superior to the one in N82
you i think YOU should think what u write first before bashing others

  • 4 u

coklom, 22 Feb 2009zn5 can play video in what bit rate?my 3gpp video always can't p... morego to and look for Prism video converter,very simple,will convert 3gp watever to ur desire...roger n out

  • Anonymous

Model Motorola ZN5 Nokia N82
Regular duty 3 days 3 days
Multimedia cycle, video (3GP) 3:25 4:33
Multimedia cycle, audio (MP3) 15:20 11:54

  • Horia

For detailed technical reviews go to­Details_5048559.html and you will find everything you need to know and even more.

  • Anonymous

hahaha, did you tested it or just reading a comments.. do you hav n82 or friends, try it n you'll kwon wat your talking about macro..

  • rodrigo maero

Rahim, 25 Feb 2009I just bought this phone, here my first impressions, the screen ... morefor modding (don't worry, it's easy and no harm can be done to your phone) go here:
if what you want is java app-games just google them...

  • aqui

is a radiation!!!!!!

  • GTX

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2009Upon reviewing your sites given.. we can say that n82 is still t... more when it comes down to ultra macro shooting, Nokiaís long-lasting camera plague pops up once again, forcing the camera to fail and perform the focusing incorrectly on multiple occasions.

I guess you should read again?

  • Anonymous

Upon reviewing your sites given.. we can say that n82 is still the best camera of 5mp....


fast Wi-Fi

ZN5 is the first Motorola phone to include a Wi-Fi unit. The 802.11b/g connection can be used, for example, to upload the photos to the web (using a Kodak Imaging Gallery account), as well as for all other imaginable purposes. Secure connections can be set up with a single tap of the finger on a user-specified button without the need to enter the network security key every time. Wi-Fi works as it should, we didnít notice any bugs, the signal sensivity is on a high level. The options include the saved networks list, three security settings (WEP, WPA and WPA2) and the network info viewing.

  • gtx

louis, 27 Feb 2009hey everyone does this phone really have wi-fi??, the kind of... moreyes, you can surf the net with WIFI

  • louis

hey everyone

does this phone really have wi-fi??, the kind of wi-fi where you connect on the internet, & got to youtube? etc.., or is it some sort of other wi-fi technology? please let me know asap thanks.

  • gtx

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2009In sony ericsson u can zoom in picture with volume keys and save... moreyou can do same thing in here

  • rahim

gsmarena is mistaken about the missed/received call capabilities, it has unlimited call records ,not only 20 as mentioned.

  • motofan .ir

everybody know than motorola have ever best camera phone and last model is zn5 than is best 5mp cam at 2008 and beter from n82-n95- 6220-k850 -c902...and even beter from samsung i8510 whit 8mp !! you can right this topic in :­a_ZN5-rev.html­-en.shtml,3905­0603,62048808-7,00.htm,3905­0603,62049300,00.htm

see this sites certain and then judge selves

and sometime i think than why gsmarena dont review motorola phones
are they moto hater ??!!
im realy sorry friends
its very bad for one site whit So Mush viewer
where is righteous gsmarena ??!!

  • 100 Moto

MAXx, 25 Feb 2009GSM ARENA guys please test this phone , want to know how good ca... moreYou're probably the nth person (if not 100?) who requested review of Zn5 on this site. Unfortunately, it seems like even if the almighty company goes down, you still won't get any...

Try other sources like Mobile Review dot com....(really sorry to give reference to competition site, all becoz...)