Mozilla begins rolling out first public preview of Firefox for iOS

Himanshu, 04 September, 2015

Mozilla has announced that it has started rolling out the first public preview version of Firefox for iOS in New Zealand. The company said that the aim behind the move is to collect feedback, which in turn will help it create a better browsing experience.

The version that is rolling out contains several features, including Intelligent Search, which provides suggested search results and option to choose search providers.

There's also a Firefox Accounts feature, which helps you transfer your Firefox browser history, passwords, and tabs from your desktop to your iOS devices, as well as a Visual Tabs feature that lets you keep track of your open tabs.

The preview version will be rolled out in few more countries, Mozilla said, adding that the app will be available in the App Store sometime later this year.



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  • Non

Actually Internet Explorer is the slowest, they make it slower on purpose so ISPs earn more money from people buying faster speeds.

  • Anonymous

Firefox is such a garbage browser and institution these days. All about looking good and promoting social justice moreso than actually building a competing browser. Now look, they've extended that mentality to iOS, giving you a crap browser that's re...

  • AnonD-412290

Worst browser ever, slowest one