MWg Atom V

MWg Atom V

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  • AnonD-406164
  • t75
  • 14 Jun 2015

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    • AnonD-2872
    • 2@H
    • 02 Mar 2011

    I purchased this phone in 11K. The problem occurs for warranty. There was problem with the speaker I contacted the guy wherefrom I had purchased he gave me service center no. surprisingly I have been told MWG is no more in india and they won't cover warranty. After a long discussion He just reload the software they didn't rectify the speaker problem. Finally, I had to pay a local service center to rectify problem. Now after one year the battery backup is just of 2 hrs. I have tried to contact many dealer but none seems selling it. I contacted the dealer who surprisingly giving battery price 150% more price than I purchased this cellphone. Surprsingly batter will cost 150% more than the mobile price. This sucks.

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      • Sandeep
      • TL5
      • 26 Oct 2010

      when u will try too run this phone on default mode i.t power saving mode after few min the phone screen will turn off and when u will press power button too turn on the phone the screen will not work only key buttons will work u will have to restart the phone to use it fully

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        • Harish
        • vGF
        • 20 Aug 2010

        Awesome phone, Awesome features, Awesome looks. This describes the phone.

        Got if for 13K in India and I just love it.

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          • Yoey
          • PS6
          • 23 Jul 2010

          Shuk, 25 Feb 2010I wanna ask, for regular use, like sms, calls sometimes, ho... moreJust for business.

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            • quadspeed
            • tDU
            • 05 Mar 2010

            gAdj3Tfr33K, 09 Feb 2010This link for the windows mobile 6.1 shows Error! Please p... morethe link is correct.. you have to replace the link.. please hxxp replace with http..
            this is well-feature pda-phone.. i've bought it since it announced mid 2008. unfortunately, with this very well features, it didn't support with powerful battery..

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              • Shuk
              • PAJ
              • 25 Feb 2010

              I wanna ask, for regular use, like sms, calls sometimes, how long the battery can stand?

              The audio jack is 2.5mm or 3.5mm??

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                • Justin
                • 4mD
                • 12 Feb 2010

                I bought this phone in 2009 and this is not the phone to buy. The phone sticks regularly and it can be slow at times. Finally the phone shut down and came back on a month later, what a bomber. My advice is to think twice before you but this phone

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                  • gAdj3Tfr33K
                  • ut6
                  • 09 Feb 2010

                  Kevin, 13 Jan 2010Downlaod windows mobile 6.1 pro rom for this handset from f... moreThis link for the windows mobile 6.1 shows Error!
                  Please post a new working link!

                    • K
                    • Kevin
                    • Mrx
                    • 13 Jan 2010

                    Downlaod windows mobile 6.1 pro rom for this handset from following link > hxxp://

                    it's a company packed rom with all logo's + some basic GPS locator software etc. Good rom compare to 6.0 which is bundled by default.


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                      • AMey
                      • Mrx
                      • 13 Jan 2010

                      Extremely nice handset. GPS works fast as it has 520 MHz Intel xscale processor. It also has FM radio + very nice 2.0 megapixel camera with flash which also can be used as flash, 3g phone, hot swap micro sd card slot at left hand side, good battery back up, just upgraded to wm 6.1 pro. very nice touch screen. Everything is great in this phone. hTc sucks. Who would buy hTc diamond which has 4gb fixed ram? I bought this handset in India 2 weeks back for 10,000/- INR.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • TFe
                        • 07 Jan 2010

                        no good phone

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                          • Anup Verma
                          • vGE
                          • 23 Dec 2009

                          Oh My GOD! the best phone i have used uptil now. i just looove the 3g and gps features. best phone in its price category even better than most high end htc devices.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • vGA
                            • 23 Dec 2009

                            I installed MapMyIndia software and it works just perfect. I also tried using MapKing and it works perfect in Bombay where I am located. I got the cracked copy of MapKing and it works perfect without any need to register - it is life long and for free !! :) Even the 3G Works perrfect with MTNL 3G. Only problem is that the tariff for 3G is a little high but it works faster than my local broadband !!!

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                              • scott
                              • jVT
                              • 11 Dec 2009

                              screen could be better but not bad for $. GPS works with IGuidance. I couldn't get it to work at first. it requires turning on the included software and changing it from walk mode to car mode and it works fine. included shell is more finger friendly than WM but still prefer SPB shell.

                              3 things I would have changed.
                              -higher screen resolution (my Asus has same res with .2" and looks better.
                              -swap the talk/end buttons with the windows/ok keys
                              -included a better onscreen keyboard than the windows keyboard

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                                • DeeQBo
                                • wr6
                                • 06 Dec 2009

                                very nice PDA, its lil bit slow but it works perfectly for me
                                Supporting Office 2007 & Acrobat reader, it helps me a lot.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • wrd
                                  • 12 Feb 2009

                                  Hello, 10 Feb 2009The phone does not work with other GPS's working with other GPS softwares, i'm using Garmin Mobile XT and it's works well

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                                    • Hello
                                    • q9F
                                    • 10 Feb 2009

                                    The phone does not work with other GPS software.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • q9F
                                      • 31 Jan 2009

                                      Where is the infrared port located?

                                        • a
                                        • angela
                                        • PGg
                                        • 24 Nov 2008

                                        is the camera cybershot or it's slow?