Nokia TA-1071 swings by FCC

Yordan, 20 February 2018

Nokia is having an event at MWC 2018 but is still secretive on what is going to be unveiled. Thanks to helpful leaksters, we already have seen two Nokia phones which might debut next week in Barcelona.

One of them, the Nokia 1, is in its last stage of preparation before arrival, according to an FCC listing. A device with the codename Nokia TA-1071 and the outlines of the entry-level smartphone was approved by the Federal Commission, meaning it is ready to hit the market shelves.

Mysterious Nokia TA-1071 gets FCC approval

The Nokia 1 will be 134 mm tall and 50 mm wide with a diagonal of 136 mm, equal to around 5.35. Given the bezels, seen in previous leaks, the actual screen size might be closer to 5. The listing reveals also Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE and WiFi 2.4 GHz availability along some technical details like bands, frequencies and antenna positioning.

Nokia 1 in Blue Nokia 1 in Red
Nokia 1 in Blue and Red

The Nokia 1 is expected to be an ultra-cheap device, positioned below the $99 price tag of Nokia 2. We know it will have 16:9 display, one camera on the back with an LED flash and another on the front.



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  • Anonymous

Then you just have to buy a phone with 2GB of system memory. This is a phone to those that event don`t know what the face book is, even less use it ;) There Are enough phones that have 2GB of memory or more in the market!

You missed a part where i wrote that while using fb lite for example you receive a call and phone just freeze. Or more simply you press "call" and wait like 3 seconds to open up that app!! Anf for basic stuff like calling anf texting a feature phone ...

  • Anonymous

It is not mean for hard use like using messenger... or multitasking. Buy more powerfull phone if you want to multitask or use more demanding programs. These 1Gb or less... Are for makin calls, sending text messages and maybe even reading email. ...