NEC e101

NEC e101

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  • NA

I have been using this cell since 2005, very good performance a per facilities it has, i purchased two time and want to purchase it 3rd time even if pin pack available

  • Emilio

Good, decent phone. Only problem is battery doesn't last too long. Good value for money.

  • Anonymous

I have a text symbol at the top left with a stop sign on it.
What does this mean, and how do I get rid of it?!?!
help plz!

  • midnites shadow

I've had the phone for over 18 mths, but have had too much trouble in slow loading times, texting doing what it feels like. The phone is tough, surviving multiple drops, etc, but the screen inside keeps coming up blank if you load a photo as a wallpaper. And being in the uk, I can't download anything onto it!!!!!

  • Im matt too

at the screen that appears when you open it press the up arrow and select silent

  • David

Has anyone found data transfer cable and software for e101 yet?
I took delivery of one today but it is incorrect and no software.
Is the answer to get rid and get new phone complete with download to pc facility?

  • Anonymous

Great phone. I have had it for a couple of years and it has lasted. ^-^...s I suppose I Have taken good care of it-thats why it hasn't broken!

  • andy

This phone is terrible. Had it for 2 years, and its cracking in 4 places. The charger has to be sellotaped to the phone when charging, it doesnt have bluetooth or infrared, pc sync doesnt work, most pointless headphone socket EVER, and there is no middle pocket. Yet i love it. Its so bad its good

  • Anonymous

crap phone it broke in about 3 months!

  • Anonymous

This phone is average at best, shoddy camera, slow load and god awful ringtones.

  • ella

Hi ive got the NEC e101 for about 6months. I have a few photo's on, i tried to send it to my e-mail adress but its not. It says message send but nothing in my adress. Can anyone PLEASE HELP!!!. Thanx

  • Anonymous

i have dis phone 4 sometime and i don't understand why it has a camera and wap severvice but can't onnect to d net.

  • aol 68

i had this fone 4 2 years ond now i killed it it snapped in half i have upgraded to the samsung d500 its a very good fone i will miss my nec e101

  • Anonymous

ive had this phone nearly 2years now, when i first got it i had a problem with it not turning on but o2 replaced it pretty quick, since then i havent had any problems its been a great phone, has quite abig screen which i love,i got it quite cheap on offer and its deffinatly worth it, the camera is alot clearer than a phone my sister has recently bought that cost 60 more! it doesnt have gagets,but for a everyday phone to use at school/college its reallly good,id buy it again :)

  • Emily

dont get this phone the front screen will break within the first year guarantee and its camara is rubbish unless the thing you want is close up and wont move for like an hour lol kk

  • JADE

trust me this phone teks tha piss,lol i ad it bout 2-3 years ago n it wox alrite at tha time then got a new 1 afta bout 3/4 months. then me new got lost n now i gota use dis 1 agen n its bin 3 days n its sendin me crazy lol its just soooooooooooo sssssssslllllllllooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!! lol n i agree with tha other ppl hu commented, its got no gud tones or stuff like bluetooth, n.e.way if ya gon buy it then sup 2 u but i wud not reconmend it k
jade x x x

  • Nataliie!

Lol I Got Tiis Phonee At Chriistmas (2004) && I Reallii Luffed It,, But For My Biirthday Tiis Year (2006) I Got A Nokiia 6111 In Piink! && I Realli Luff It. Tiis Nec Fonee Has No Key Features: Video, Bluetooth, Infared, Mp3. && It Is Really Uglii Lol. Can'tt Beliieffe I Had It Once!!

  • killer clown

this is a very strong phone

  • x-Kandi-x

I was looking for a phone about a year ago, and this one looked alright for me. But now, a year on, i'm fed up of it. It doesn't have any cool features like bluetooth and infared... so now i have a new phone (nokia 6111)

  • aol 68

my nec e101 has syrvived a lot i mean it is basicly indestructable it has been in the wash and in the tumble fell off a fair ground ride and survived countless drops but last week i fell off my bike and cracked the front screen and cracked the glass i am well gutted i have had the phone for 18 months and it still works brilliant phone every thing works exept the front screen