NEC e122

NEC e122

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  • John
  • pwg
  • 03 Aug 2012

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2006The Wife bought me this Phone a while ago, and to be brutil... moreI purchased both the USB Cable and CD Disc from NEDIS LIMITED,
Saxby Road Industrial Estate, Melton Mowbray, Leics.
Tel: 01664484001. Email:
The program works fine on my HP, XP Computer.
I can copy the photographs to my P.C. and print them out.

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    • Anonymous
    • mAn
    • 03 Feb 2010

    this was the first and worst phone i had after a few months the screen just went blank when it worked it was a quite nice phone

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      • Anonymous
      • wrs
      • 05 Nov 2009


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        • Emmanuel
        • fue
        • 03 Nov 2009

        I purchased this phone in 2007 and it is unfortunate I dit not enjoy the phone. As a new phone I was expecting the battery to last for about 2 hours talk time but the battery was always weak even after several minutes of recharging. I also have a problem with the sreen which has turn dark that one can not see anything on it. I am therefore seeking advice from people with experince on how to solve the problems by writing to

          • b
          • bs
          • mxH
          • 24 Mar 2009

          kev, 08 Sep 2006can anyone tell me how to get my nec e122 off hands free i... morei have the same question, if you have received the response please do let me know...

            • a
            • adamsky
            • Tj%
            • 17 Dec 2008

            The WAP of my nec e122 cannot activate .How can l stop the flashing on the keypads which wastes away the battery

              • Y
              • Yo momma
              • qGm
              • 07 Aug 2008

              sumeetpalsingh antaa, 13 Jul 2008hi friend,i m from patiala.i m also using nec e122 and also... moreIll let you live if you fix my e122. Hows that for a deal?

                • A
                • Aaron Alderson
                • m71
                • 03 Aug 2008

                It's an good phone for when it is just needed for SMS Texting and basic phone calls. But for me it only worked well for about one year until in class it randomly turns itself on and dials numbers, and when the they return the call, the ringtone went off causing the phone to be confiscated (Yes, I did have 'Keylock' on). But now I use a Sony Erricson W580i, which works very well for me.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • my2
                  • 30 Jul 2008

                  whenever i turn on my phone(nec e122) it displays search but nothing works. where can i fix it

                    • s
                    • sumeetpalsingh antaa
                    • ijf
                    • 13 Jul 2008

                    sumeet, 10 May 2008i want to activate gprs and wap but it dont connecthi friend,i m from patiala.i m also using nec e122 and also gprs.i have solution of ur problem but what will i get.i also have some problem related to my nec e122 that i wanna purchase data cable of nec e122 but from where and what is its cost.please send me reply on
                    now solution of ur problem is that type NOKIA 6230 in ur message box and send it to 58354. after few seconds u will get settings and then save those settings.
                    aftersaving u will be able to use gprs.

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                      • sweetness
                      • nbq
                      • 29 Jun 2008

                      I have been using the phone for some time,but the problem now is the screen has gone blank and i cant see a thing and i have looked in all the stores that ican find in Sierra lone,and i dont know what to do.

                        • e
                        • emmanuel
                        • mJZ
                        • 15 May 2008

                        Please, i have been using this phone here in Ghana i.e NECe122 for a while now. I like everything on it. The litle problem i have is i want to get the software which will enable me to connect to my computer and access information through the USB device. I will be very happy if you can download it unto my e-mail address given above for me.Again please how do i get the USB chord? I have been moving from phone shops to buy but to no avail.
                        Thank you.

                          • s
                          • sumeet
                          • ijf
                          • 10 May 2008

                          i want to activate gprs and wap but it dont connect

                            • j
                            • james
                            • whA
                            • 08 Apr 2008

                            i have using this phone for 3 years here in the philippines and when it not functioning i cant find anyone who can repair for it. what an accident!!!

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                              • shanika
                              • w9J
                              • 29 Feb 2008

                              i want a active the GPRs and Wap. please help me.

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                                • Me
                                • fuN
                                • 03 Nov 2007

                                I bought the same phone in November 2006 for 35Pounds. It only lasted for 3 months. the Battery seized and since then i have been trying to order a battery to replace it..Features were good...but the fun ran out too quickly. I thought batteries were supposed to last loinger than 3 mths!!!!!!sORRY GUYS...U WILL NEED TO BE MORE PROF THAN THAT!!

                                  • A
                                  • Ayo
                                  • 0uM
                                  • 18 Oct 2007

                                  This phone is absolutely a waste of money. IT'S CR@P ALLOVER AGAIN. It fell & ever since it's been working upside down,the video sound is outrightly poor,it gats some spot on d screen dat makes it difficult to view screen well. It would av been a lovely phone if the USB works well too.I couldnt download music to it, the charger got burnt and I couldnt get a compatible charger eversince.Its just so sad for NEC e122.
                                  I ADVICE WHOSOEVER WANTS LIFE OUTA PHONE NOT TO BUY IT, Cos U wont be happy if u do

                                    • K
                                    • Kirsty
                                    • kH@
                                    • 31 Aug 2007

                                    Please can u turn orange safeguard off

                                      • j
                                      • jesmond falzon
                                      • p7K
                                      • 30 Jul 2007

                                      This mobile NEC e122 is not good or the best because I buy 1 but is not working good the soft wear is difficult to find and to reaper

                                        • m
                                        • moi...x
                                        • nEZ
                                        • 22 Jul 2007

                                        I have had this phone 4 about 1 and a half years now.
                                        It is an ok phone but not the best ! It doesn't have a very good camera and the video doesn't have sound !! Overall i would give it 7/10 !! I wouldn't recomend it !