NEC e228

NEC e228

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  • kc

im off 2 get this phone pretty soon. ive seem it in the shop and think its a great deal for the price

  • drew

this phone is excellent but does anyone know is it uses the same connectin as any of the previos 3pay nec mobiles.

  • drew

does anyone know how to unlock the e228

  • alu

muie fraiere

  • phil

does any1 no how to unlock the e228 to all networks without having to send it to sum1

  • Nick

Bought it, it's fantastic. Really really good. I just don't understand how ThreePay works, if anyone can explain, email me! :D

  • Nick

I'm going out to buy this phone today, I currently have a Nokia 3300 mp3 phone, but I'm hoping this will be better. I'll tell you all about it when I have it. :)

  • one

i think this a very good phone at a reasonable price

  • ij-g

this phone is the best thing since sliced bread. it has every feature u can dream of and its small and cheap what more could you ask for?

  • keith hesketh

i would like one of these phones, they have everything i want, but i feel that they are too "chunky", i could buy a smaller, cheaper phone with all the same features, but for the money this phone cannot be beaten

  • doc

great videophone...but where i can found the driver???

  • BRK

The size of the phone is almost exactly the same as 3510i, and for a 3-mobile that is really great, and the overall quality is nearly high-end

  • Anonymous

good screen