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NEC e338

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  • 13 Jan 2015

I want to buy a battery for my NEC 338
where ? on line ? is it possible

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    • pete21
    • m5c
    • 23 Oct 2012

    the nec 338 is the worst phone I ever brought,,
    I now have a cheap Samsung Europa on 3pay
    it is not the best phone out there but compared to most it is OK

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      • Babar Jahangir, isla
      • 9x7
      • 28 Apr 2010

      Rehan Maqsood, 27 Oct 2009I have been using this set for a long time. But after 14-se... moreDear Rehan Maqsood,
      This is a bug in NEC mobile phones. It makes web browser connection without user intervention. Please ask you service provider (Telenor in your case) to de-activate GPRS and all other internet services of your SIM.
      I have also NEC e228 with same problem. I have been using Zong. But now I use Ufone with GPRS OFF in this set. No more balance deduction whatsoever.

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        • Rehan Maqsood
        • uWE
        • 27 Oct 2009

        I have been using this set for a long time. But after 14-september-2009 I am facing a problem in the network. My account balance is deducted automatically. I t never happened before. I am in pakistan and using GSM service. I am using Telenor prepaid connection. I went to sales and customer services center for three times. They did have any idea why my account balace was being deducted. But at last in the office one told me that it was a 3g mobile. Telenor does not provide 3g services. This mobile operates at 2.5 while telenor provides 2.7. So comoing from 2.5 to 2.7 it uses gprs(internet). So the balance is deducted. My question is I have not subscribed for GPRS and I have nor saved any setting for the internet then how can my balance be deducted? If you know how to make it work for 2.7 please help me out. Or any other suggestions at Thanks.

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          • nabeel
          • PEU
          • 16 Apr 2009

          v.good set but complicated googd works

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            • Anonymous
            • uBf
            • 16 Mar 2009

            LARRY, 27 Apr 2005looks great from outside, is it as great inside, how many m... moreThe video is only 11 seconds.

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              • abdullah
              • Uq4
              • 28 Jan 2009

              SHARJEEL KHAN, 10 Aug 2008i need usb software of nec 338 mobile to connet it to my pcme too want it if you have this software then please mail it to me at

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                • abdullah
                • Uq4
                • 28 Jan 2009

                Ali, 28 Sep 2008i am using NEC E338 since one year.. its so nice... i have ... moreplease send me an attachment of the data transfering software for NEC338.plz. at

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                  • skrjaf
                  • wuc
                  • 03 Jan 2009

                  its good. do any one have jave games n applications of e338. kindly mention me the link. i have downloaded many java games n application, but my mobile not supporting.

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                    • Emy
                    • ixy
                    • 03 Dec 2008

                    pls do anyone know how to use the mms and gprs of this phone. this phone is quite strong...but no gprs and infrared and it has short battery life. if you have info for me pls send to

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pJN
                      • 05 Nov 2008

                      Mirza Wajid Ali, 18 Sep 2008hy iam wajid from pakistan so my question are i am very uns... morehi,
                      turn off the gprs
                      work on your english too :)

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                        • Ali
                        • uWE
                        • 28 Sep 2008

                        i am using NEC E338 since one year.. its so nice... i have its software and driver to connect with pc.. if someone need its software than contact me at:

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 0UD
                          • 19 Sep 2008

                          the one 2 have all day

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                            • Mirza Wajid Ali
                            • PxK
                            • 18 Sep 2008

                            hy iam wajid from pakistan so my question are i am very unsuspense full to look nec 338 are very delicious and very good shap sir please my question solved some time i mean some few second in my gprs automatic on and deduct my balance in phone this problem any time in phone and this problem meh each time off my phone
                            what this problem please solved my problem my email address

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                              • SHARJEEL KHAN
                              • Rxf
                              • 10 Aug 2008

                              i need usb software of nec 338 mobile to connet it to my pc

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 0Uv
                                • 31 Jul 2008

                                i have this phone but the screen is all white...i can't see a thing

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                                  • greg_cook46@hotmail.
                                  • m5{
                                  • 01 Jun 2008

                                  I have just recently bought a 338 but
                                  there wasn't an instruction manual
                                  with it.Could you please either email
                                  the instructions to me or send them
                                  to me,thank you.

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                                    • giorgi
                                    • MS{
                                    • 30 May 2008

                                    I got this phone 5 years ago, for 1 and a half year i have been using it without it's antena (broke while droping it) and i have nothing to complain except for the poor batery life, only one day, but this is after using the same battery for 5 years

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                                      • Dave
                                      • j6R
                                      • 27 May 2008

                                      david, 22 Feb 2008sure!a good machine.But why its drive not available? please... moreStill waiting 4 a help . Email

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                                        • anser
                                        • 2Tv
                                        • 26 May 2008

                                        danutza, 23 Apr 2008i have nec 338. i need the software so the i can download i... morevery good